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With the New Forest on one side and the River Test on the other, there’s no shortage of picturesque locations to get together with a personal trainer in Totton. Whether it’s endurance training in the forest or bodyweight workouts in Eling Recreation Ground, one of the qualified personal trainers in Totton below would be delighted to assist you. If indoor workouts are more your thing, no problem; just use the filter below to find a personal trainer that can meet you at your office, at home, or at your local gym. Once you’ve found a few trainers that align with your fitness goals, send them a quick message to discover how they can assist you on your journey to a fitter you. 

A personal trainer in Totton.

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Closest verified trainers

  • Peter Maraziotis personal trainer

    Peter Maraziotis

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Nick Denmark personal trainer

    Nick Denmark

    From £25 per session

    Tailored Plans, Sports Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Anxiety Management, Mindset, Functional Training, Motivation, Definition

    6.75 miles from Totton

  • Frank Mangna personal trainer

    Frank Mangna

    Strength, Toning, Agility, Flexibility, Stretching, Boxing, Sport-Specific Training

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Anna Zammit personal trainer

    Anna Zammit

    From £30 per session

    Boxercise, Indoor Cycling, Circuit Training, Zumba

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Alex Hurter personal trainer

    Alex Hurter

    From £38.5 per session

    Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Aerobics, Legs/Bums/Tums, Ballet Barre, Prenatal and Postnatal Training

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Marcin Antonczyk personal trainer

    Marcin Antonczyk

    From £32.5 per session

    Fat Loss, Kettlebells, Muscle Building, Bespoke Plans, Body Confidence, Conditioning, Kettlebell Training, Nutrition, Training Plans

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Marta Nardi personal trainerVerified profile

    Marta Nardi

    From £55 per session

    Online Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebell Training, Fat Loss, Flexibility & Mobility, Functional Movement, Functional Fitness, Bootcamps, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Metabolic Conditioning, Nutrition, Personalised Fitness Plans, Lean Muscle, Buddy Training, Couples Training

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Jack White Fitness - Mobile Personal Training Southampton personal trainer

    Jack White Fitness - Mobile Personal Training Southampton

    From £45 per session

    Kettlebells, Boxing & Padwork, Boxing-Based Fitness, Kettlebell Training, Weight Loss

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Greg Small personal trainer

    Greg Small

    From £35 per session

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Tom Hibbert personal trainer

    Tom Hibbert

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Mike Samuels personal trainer

    Mike Samuels

    Weight Loss, Strength, Muscle Gain

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Liam Summers personal trainer

    Liam Summers

    From £30 per session

    Resistance Training, Strength, Fat Loss, Muscle Development

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Dan Fellows personal trainer

    Dan Fellows

    From £30 per session

    Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Toning, Disease Management, Back Pain Management

    Southampton City Centre, Southampton
    4.18 miles from Totton

  • Chris Burrows personal trainer

    Chris Burrows

    From £40 per session

    Injury Prevention, Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Periodised Training, Sports-Specific Nutrition, Anxiety Management, Back Pain Management, Posture, Strength

    Bellevue Road, Southampton
    4.21 miles from Totton

  • Jane Shields personal trainer

    Jane Shields

    Corrective Exercise, Pilates, Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Loss, Menopause

    Portswood, Southampton
    4.71 miles from Totton

  • Tom Wilkinson personal trainer

    Tom Wilkinson

    From £40 per session

    Weight Loss, Toning, Sport-Specific Training, Small Group Training

    4.8 miles from Totton

  • Jo Conroy personal trainer

    Jo Conroy

    Taekwondo, Climbing, Hiking, Studio Cycling, Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    North Baddesley, Southampton, Hampshire
    4.93 miles from Totton

  • Tomas Nanartonis personal trainer

    Tomas Nanartonis

    From £35 per session

    Climbing, Volleyball, Kickboxing, Sports Conditioning, Massage Therapy, Corrective Exercise

    Swaythling, Southampton
    5.49 miles from Totton

  • Andy Howlett personal trainer

    Andy Howlett

    From £30 per session

    Fitness, Kettlebells, Pilates, Circuit Training, Boxercise

    Bitterne, Southampton
    5.98 miles from Totton

  • Karl Stinchcomb personal trainer

    Karl Stinchcomb

    Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Resistance Training

    Bitterne, Southampton
    5.98 miles from Totton

  • Tracy Rigney personal trainer

    Tracy Rigney

    From £35 per session

    Zumba, Dance, Aerobic Conditioning, Boogie Bounce, Battle Ropes, Bodyweight Training, Bootcamps, BoxFit, Circuit Training, Exercise for Older Adults, Exercise to Music, Fitness Classes, Fitness for Beginners, Fitness for Children, Home Training, Hatha Yoga, Kettlebells, Legs/Bums/Tums, Personal training, Resistance Bands, Step Aerobics

    Sholing, Southampton
    6.71 miles from Totton

  • Kali Harmen personal trainer

    Kali Harmen

    From £45 per session

    Mindfulness, Weight Loss, Ketogenic Diets, Nutrition, Diet Plans

    4.12 miles from Totton

  • Andy Tindale personal trainer

    Andy Tindale

    From £40 per session

    Weight Loss, Stress Management, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Weight Management, Older Adults, Self-Defence, Strength and Conditioning

    6.82 miles from Totton

  • Niki McPhail personal trainer

    Niki McPhail

    From £30 per session

    Boxing, Padwork, Sports Psychology, Health, Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Core Conditioning

    Chandler's Ford, Hampshire
    7.1 miles from Totton

  • Amanda Robertson personal trainer

    Amanda Robertson

    Chandler's Ford, Hampshire
    7.1 miles from Totton

  • Joe Searle personal trainer

    Joe Searle

    Weight Management, Sports Massage, Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Nutrition, Core Conditioning, Prenatal and Postnatal Training, Rehabilitation

    East Boldre, Brockenhurst, Hampshire
    7.74 miles from Totton

  • Sam Newborough personal trainer

    Sam Newborough

    From £30 per session

    Cycling, Studio Cycling, Exercise Referral, Swimming, Prenatal and Postnatal Training, Children, Older Adults

    Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire
    7.75 miles from Totton

  • Dean Canoville personal trainer

    Dean Canoville


    Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire
    8.49 miles from Totton

  • Andy McGhee personal trainer

    Andy McGhee

    Strength and Conditioning, Running, Endurance, Nutrition, Kayaking, Special Populations, Back Pain Management

    Hamble-le-Rice, Hampshire
    8.68 miles from Totton

  • Ruth Turnbull personal trainer

    Ruth Turnbull

    Fair Oak, Eastleigh, Hampshire
    9.44 miles from Totton

  • Lisa Lingard personal trainer

    Lisa Lingard

    Dance, Pilates, Nutrition, Weight Management, Circuit Training, Exercise Referral, Flexibility

    Warsash, Southampton, Hampshire
    9.79 miles from Totton

  •  Andy McNeil personal trainer

    Andy McNeil

    From £37.5 per session

    Pilates, Circuit Training, Nutrition, Boxercise, Kickboxercise

    Colden Common, Hampshire
    9.91 miles from Totton

  • Nicky Fuller personal trainer

    Nicky Fuller

    Movement, Balance, Holistic Health

    Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire
    10.06 miles from Totton

  • Debbie Lucas personal trainer

    Debbie Lucas

    From £8 per session

    Pre- & Post-Natal Training, Fitness for Children, Fitness for Older Adults, Fitness Classes, All round body fitness & tone, Battle Ropes

    Sway, Lymington, Hampshire
    10.18 miles from Totton

  • Sam Rickman personal trainer

    Sam Rickman

    From £35 per session

    Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training, Diet Planning, Nutrition, Sports Performance, Form and Technique Analysis, Kettlebells, ViPR (Vitality/Performance/Reconditioning), Muay Thai, Postural Analysis and Correction, Goal Setting, Programme Design, Assisted Stretching, Flexibility

    Lymington, Hampshire
    10.93 miles from Totton

  • Jane Bulloch personal trainer

    Jane Bulloch

    Cancer, Corrective Exercise, Smoking Cessation

    Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire
    10.97 miles from Totton

  • Carolyn McClellan personal trainer

    Carolyn McClellan

    Fat Loss

    Whiteley, Hampshire
    11.48 miles from Totton

  • Gen Preece personal trainer

    Gen Preece

    Injury Prevention, Sport-Specific Training

    Southampton Road, Hampshire
    11.49 miles from Totton

  • Helen Dennett personal trainer

    Helen Dennett

    From £25 per session

    Piloxing, Nutrition, TRX (Suspension Training)

    11.51 miles from Totton

  • Josh Juryeff personal trainer

    Josh Juryeff

    From £30 per session

    Body Transformations, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Massage and Therapy

    11.74 miles from Totton

  • Gemma Paddington personal trainer

    Gemma Paddington

    From £30 per session

    Sport-Specific Training, Conditioning, Nutrition, Aerobics, Strength

    Newtown, Southampton, Hampshire
    11.8 miles from Totton

  • Grant Smith personal trainer

    Grant Smith

    From £35 per session

    Obesity and Diabetes, GP Referral, Management of Lower Back Pain

    11.9 miles from Totton