Karl Stinchcomb personal trainer

Karl Stinchcomb

Just 4 U Fitness
Bitterne, Southampton
Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Resistance Training


My story of becoming a personal trainer began 8 years ago whilst I was serving in the Royal Air Force. At that time, I was obese, and it was then I made the decision to change my life for the better and to start my weight-loss journey. I spent years trying to achieve the body I wanted. I had all the motivation in the world, but without the right set of skills, I wasn’t seeing the results I strived for. I wasted so many years trying to find the right solution to my weight loss. Eventually, I lost a total of 6 stone through sheer determination, but this just resulted in me becoming skinny and not aesthetically in shape.

It was then after 4 years I decided to become a coach. I then started studying and training, learning how to change my body. The advantage I have over other trainers is that I have been that person that has lost their way and would love to get that body they want, be comfortable when they go on holiday and be more comfortable in their own skin and most importantly be healthier, but you just don’t know how to do it. This is where I have the physiological and training experience to help people not be lost anymore.

I have been a coach for 5 years now and I have helped numerous clients achieve their health and fitness goals and that is my number one priority. I am a dedicated, focussed and confident character with a sheer passion and enthusiasm for fitness. I adapt my training to each individual’s needs and as much as the training is challenging, I also make it as self rewarding and fun as possible.

I work out of a private personal training facility in Bitterne, Southampton. This gives me the chance to give people the opportunity to get the absolute everything out of their training and nutrition. I promise I will go above and beyond to help give you that health and body you always desired.

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