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Personal trainers in Bournemouth

If you’re looking for the best personal trainers in Bournemouth, you’re in the right place. 

Whether you’re after PTs in Bournemouth with certain prices or skills, those of a particular gender, or those in specific parts of the city, you’ll find links below to local fitness pros that have just what you’re looking for. 

Additionally, we’ll take a look at some of the best places to work out with a personal trainer in Bournemouth. 

Personal Trainers in Bournemouth

If you don’t yet have any preferences for your new coach and would like to browse all of the PTs in the city, check out this broad list of personal trainers in Bournemouth

Beach huts in Bournemouth

How much should you spend on a personal trainer in Bournemouth?

If you’ve ever wondered, “how much should a personal trainer cost?”, the answer depends on where you’re based. 

While personal trainers in London often charge £50 per session, the UK average is about £36, and the average cost is even less in Bournemouth at about £32. Most trainers within the city charge between £20 and £40 per session. If you’re not looking to spend too much at this time, you might be interested in these affordable personal trainers in Bournemouth, who all charge between £20 and £30. 

Male and female personal trainers in Bournemouth

Prefer to work with a personal trainer of a particular gender? No problem. Just click one of the links below. 

Types of personal training in Bournemouth

With so many qualified and experienced personal trainers in Bournemouth, it’s easy to find one that has the expertise you require. Here are some links to Bournemouth-based PTs that specialise in certain areas:

If you don’t see what you’re looking for above, just head to this list of personal trainers in Bournemouth and use the “Specialty” filter to identify local PTs with specific skillsets. 

Bournemouth Beach and Pier

Where to work out with a personal trainer in Bournemouth

No matter where you’re looking to exercise with a personal trainer in or near Bournemouth, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the locations in which our trainers are based:

With regards to specific training locations, there’s no shortage of great gyms in Bournemouth, such as the PureGym on The Triangle, the PureGym on Mallard Road, and the Village Gym on Deansleigh Road

As well as indoor gyms, there are various free outdoor gyms in the area, including on East Overcliff DriveBoscombe Promenade, and Poole Promenade. Of course, the beach can provide a stunning backdrop while working on your strength and fitness, as can the numerous parks and green spaces such as the Lower GardensMeyrick Park and Queen's Park

The coast near Bournemouth

Final Thoughts on Personal Training in Bournemouth

If you’re still asking yourself, “how can I find a personal trainer near me?”, just head to the homepage and enter your location into the search box. Still not sure if personal trainers are worth it? You might like this article on the reasons to hire a personal trainer