How Much Does Personal Training Cost on Average?

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Although working out with an online personal trainer can be a great option, getting together with an in-person trainer where you live is an amazing way of working towards your fitness goals while also getting to know your own city a bit better. But how much does a personal trainer cost where you live? Let's take a look at how much PTs tend to charge for one-on-one sessions across big cities in the UK. 

Personal Trainer Prices UK

To start, let’s briefly look at how much personal trainers cost in the UK. According to data from our directory of personal trainers, they charge between £15 and £85, with an average cost of £36 per session. This is similar to data from Bark, which suggest that coaches normally charge between £30 and £60 per hour for their personal training services. 

Personal Trainer Birmingham Prices

With some big outdoor spaces like Calthorpe Park and Summerfield Park, there are some great places to meet up with a fitness professional in Birmingham. Expect to spend about £30–50 per session, with PTs in Birmingham having an average hourly rate of £34

A building in Birmingham

Tip: Read each trainer's profile to see what additional services they offer alongside their individual sessions. For instance, some independent trainers may offer complimentary workout plans or lower rates for new clients, if you buy sessions in bulk (i.e., a package deal), or sign up for a monthly subscription. 

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Personal Trainer Brighton Prices 

Whether it’s runs along the beach or circuit training in Queen’s Park, there are plenty of fun ways to get together with a personal trainer in Brighton. Normally, PTs in Brighton charge between £20 and £50 per session, with sessions coming in at £39 on average

The pier in Brighton

Personal Trainer Bristol Prices 

From HIIT workouts in Castle Park to jogs by the Avon, there are some great ways to work out with a personal trainer in Bristol. On average, PTs in Bristol charge about £37 per session, but sessions can cost as little as £25 and as much as £45 for a more experienced trainer

A bridge in Bristol

Tip: The vast majority of fitness trainers on our site will list their qualifications on their profile. If you have a specific goal, take a quick look at their qualifications to see whether they align with what you want to achieve. For instance, if your main goal is weight loss, see whether they have a qualification specific to this. If knowing that your trainer will use an evidence-based approach is important to you, check whether they have a scientific background (e.g., some trainers have completed degrees in exercise science). 

Personal Trainer Cardiff Prices 

With large outdoor spaces like Pontcanna Fields and lots of views of the water, there are some idyllic places to get together with a personal trainer in Cardiff. The average rate for a good personal trainer in Cardiff is about £33 per session, with some charging up to £45 and some charging just £25. 

A building in Cardiff

Personal Trainer Coventry Prices 

With some beautiful outdoor spaces like War Memorial Park, there’s no shortage of locations in which to meet up with a personal trainer in Coventry. Sessions tend to cost a little less here than in other cities, with PTs in Coventry normally charging between £20 and £40, with an average session price of £31. 

A statue in Coventry

Tip: Use the "Specialty" menu on any of our search results pages to find personal trainers that specialise in particular areas of fitness. For example, if you want someone who provides group sessions or small group training, choose "Group fitness" or "Group training" in the menu. If you want to find fitness experts who will be able to provide you with a well-thought-out nutrition plan, choose "Nutrition" from the menu. For example, here are some personal trainers in Coventry that have expertise in nutrition

Personal Trainer Derby Prices 

No matter if it’s runs along the Derwent or calisthenics workouts in Darley Park, there are plenty of good ways to meet up with a personal trainer in Derby. While pricing depends on different factors like how much experience the trainer has, the average price for a PT session in Derby is just £28, with most trainers charging between £20 and £40

A building in Derby

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Personal Trainer Edinburgh Prices 

Filled with enchanting buildings and amazing outdoor spaces like Holyrood Park, there are some incredible places to meet up with a personal trainer in Edinburgh. Here, PTs normally charge about £36 per session, with some charging as little as £18 and some charging as high as £55. 

A monument in Edinburgh

Tip: Use the "Training location" menu on any of our search results pages to find PTs that provide sessions in the ideal type of training location for you. For example, there are trainers in Edinburgh who work in a private studio and trainers who work in fitness centres.

Personal Trainer Glasgow Prices 

Whether it’s down by the Clyde or in one of the picturesque green spaces like Kelvingrove Park, there are some excellent options when it comes to meeting up with a personal trainer in Glasgow. If you’re looking to work with a PT in Glasgow, expect to pay between £25 and £50 per session, with the average price being about £33.

A building in Glasgow

Personal Trainer Leeds Prices 

With some beautiful outdoor spaces like Woodhouse Moor, there are lots of good options when it comes to places to meet up with a personal trainer in Leeds. While a PT in Leeds might cost you up to £65, some charge as little as £15 per session, with the average price being about £35. 

A street in Leeds

Tip: Most PTs on the site list their prices for a 1-hour session. As they may need to factor in travel time, a 30-minute session will often cost slightly more than half of a 1-hour session, and 90-minute sessions will often cost slightly less than 50% more than a 1-hour session. If you'd like to find out more about the cost of a single session, you can easily and securely message any of the trainers on to ask them how costs vary by session length or by number of sessions. 

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Personal Trainer Leicester Prices 

From runs by the Soar to bodyweight workouts in one of the great outdoor spaces like Abbey Park, there’s no shortage of places to get together with a personal trainer in Leicester

A lake in Leicester

PTs in Leicester represent amazing value, with the average price per session being just £27. Typically, personal trainers in Leicester charge between £16 and £45 per session. 

Therefore, a new personal trainer may charge towards the bottom of this range, while a trainer with years of experience may charge towards the top of it. However, even if a newer personal trainer chooses a lower price point, it doesn't mean that they won't offer you valuable guidance and support. In fact, having recently qualified may mean they have extra enthusiasm and are especially attentive to their client's needs. 

Often, the most important factor determining your success is simply whether you have a good time with your trainer and want to keep working with them.

Personal Trainer Liverpool Prices 

Dotted with iconic sporting arenas, there are some inspiring places to meet up with a certified personal trainer in Liverpool. Prices for PTs in Liverpool vary a lot, with some charging as much as £75 and others charging as little as £20 per session. On average, personal trainers in Liverpool charge £39 per session

A statue of The Beatles in Liverpool

Tip: Most personal trainers on link to their personal websites and social media accounts on their profiles. To find out more about a PT you're considering, check out these other platforms, where they'll often share success stories and details about their client base. For example, you'll often be able to find out whether they typically work with those looking for basic fitness plans or those interested in injury prevention and sports performance, like a professional athlete. If the latter, they'll probably be well connected with other health and fitness professionals, such as physical therapists. 

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Personal Trainer London Prices 

With its world-famous parks and monuments, there are some amazing places to complete personal training sessions with a fitness coach in London. Unsurprisingly, a PT in the capital city tends to have higher rates than in other places in the UK, with personal trainers in London charging between £40 and £85. The average price is £57, about £20 higher than the UK average.

An aerial view of London

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Personal Trainer Manchester Prices 

Home to some internationally recognised stadiums, there are some inspiring places to work out with a personal trainer in Manchester. Pricing will depend on factors like how long the coach has been in the personal training industry, but most PTs in Manchester charge about £33 per session, with prices normally ranging between £15 and £50

A bridge in Manchester

Tip: You can easily message PTs on our site to ask them any questions you might have. Therefore, before committing to a session, it's a good idea to message them to share your specific needs and to ask about potential additional fees (e.g., couple or group training sessions might entail an extra cost) or anything else you might be unsure about. You could also arrange a call to discuss your workout sessions and to get a feel for whether you'll be a good fit for one another. 

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Personal Trainer Nottingham Prices 

With some beautiful outdoor spaces like Wollaton Park, there are plenty of great places to meet up with a personal trainer in Nottingham. PTs in Nottingham tend to charge a little less than in most other UK cities, with the average price per session being about £31 and prices typically falling between £20 and £40

A building in Nottingham

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Personal Trainer Sheffield Prices 

On the doorstep of one of the UK’s most picturesque National Parks and with some amazing outdoor spaces within the city itself, there are some great options when it comes to meeting up with a personal trainer in Sheffield. As mentioned elsewhere, a number of factors influence pricing (e.g., years of experience, qualifications), though PTs in Sheffield typically charge about £33 per session, with prices ranging from £20 to £45

A park in Sheffield

Tip: If you feel that you might get better results working with someone of a particular gender, use the "Gender" menu that appears on all of our search results pages. For instance, this way, you can find male personal trainers in Sheffield as well as female personal trainers in Sheffield

Final Thoughts on Personal Trainer Prices

Hopefully, this article will have provided you with some insights into the costs of working with a professional trainer as you undertake your fitness journey. If you're unsure if the benefits of personal training will outweigh the overall cost, the best way to find out is to just give it a try! All PTs love to hear from new potential clients, so why not reach out to one today and arrange an initial session? Many PTs offer a free or discounted first session without any obligation to continue, so you really have very little to lose!

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