The Benefits of an Online PT

Sam Lynch
Sam Lynch
· 2 min read
An online PT

(You can find a list of online PTs here.)

Online personal training has taken off over the last 18 months, with the most obvious cause being the worldwide pandemic. With trainers flocking to offer their services online, the market has become flooded with online PTs looking to carve their way into a competitive market.

But what is an Online PT?

An online PT (also known as an online coach) is a personal trainer that offers virtual services to potential clients. These virtual services can vary, with trainers offering simple online programmes, personal training sessions over Zoom (or equivalent software), or a more comprehensive online programme with weekly check-in calls and updates.

I’m sure there are other variations, but these cover the main bases of what an online PT offers.

An online PT working on her laptop

Depending on the trainer or business that you go to, your online PT will most likely use some sort of software such as MyPtHub or Trainerize, which gives them a platform in which to deliver your programme and communicate. 

Now, the exact ins and outs of what an online PT offers you is down to them and the way they run their business.

For my clients at Fitnitiative, I deliver a comprehensive approach with a fully tailored programme, bespoke nutrition coaching, and guidance on lifestyle change and habit building. Typically, I will have weekly contact time with my online clients through either a Zoom call, phone call or messaging (depending on circumstance and client availability).

So what are the benefits of an online PT?

Having an online PT is not for everyone, that’s for sure. Some people really do benefit from having scheduled sessions with their trainer each week, giving them multiple opportunities for accountability and they simply prefer the human contact.

Which is great as this is what personal training is founded on.

However, having a personal trainer in the traditional sense is a luxury. 

As with most luxuries, they come with a price tag.

Enter the online PT.

An online PT working on his laptop

Having an online PT is a more affordable way to benefit from the expertise and guidance of a professional, whilst still having the accountability needed to reach your goals.

Not only that, but the flexibility of having an online PT breaks down other barriers associated with traditional one-to-one personal training such as location and time.

The way I like to describe it is having a personal trainer in your pocket.

With an online PT, you can still achieve your goals through expert guidance and support; but with increased flexibility and decreased cost.

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