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Online personal trainers.

If you want to be able to receive expert guidance on health and fitness regardless of where you are, an online personal trainer could be perfect for you. 

Below, we take a brief look at the most popular types of online personal training and include links to online personal trainers that specialise in these. 

Male and female online personal trainers

If you'd like to find an online personal trainer with a particular gender, just click on one of these links:

How much is an online personal trainer?

As online personal trainers are based in all parts of the country (some more expensive than others), prices per session vary widely, with some trainers charging as little as £25 per session and some charging up to £150 per session. On average, online personal trainers in the UK charge about £44 per session. 

If you'd like a more affordable online personal trainer, check out these trainers who provide sessions for less than £40:

Bodybuilding personal trainer online

If you want to look like the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, get in touch with one of these online bodybuilding personal trainers to receive invaluable advice on how to optimise your routine and diet. 

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How much is a bodybuilding personal trainer online? 

You can expect to pay as little £25 per session or as much as £150 per session for an online bodybuilding personal trainer, with the average price being £53. 

Calisthenics personal trainer online

To develop incredible control over your body (think Chris Herria), enlist the services of one of these outstanding online calisthenics personal trainers who will help you to learn feats of strength that most can only dream of. 

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How much is a calisthenics personal trainer online? 

Most online calisthenics personal trainers charge between £35 and £65 per session, with the average cost being about £44. 

CrossFit personal trainer online

Get in touch with one of these online CrossFit personal trainers if you want to develop incredible functional strength and fitness. With their guidance, you’ll cultivate elite levels of endurance and an otherworldly physique. 

How much is a CrossFit personal trainer online? 

On average, online CrossFit personal trainers charge about £48 per session, with most charging between £35 and £60

Female personal trainer online

If you’d prefer to work with a woman, reach out to one of these amazing online female personal trainers and receive world-class assistance from someone who knows what it takes to optimise their strength, fitness, and health as a woman. 

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How much is a female personal trainer online? 

The average cost of a session with an online female personal trainer is £53, with most trainers charging between £35 and £55

Fitness personal trainer online

No matter if you’re looking for improve your ability to run, ride a bike, or swim, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and insights from one of these online fitness personal trainers. With your hard work and their support, you can expect to supercharge your levels of fitness while working together. 

How much is a fitness personal trainer online? 

You can expect to pay as little as £27 for a session with an online fitness personal trainer or as much as £60, with the average cost being £37. 

Weight loss personal trainer online

To lose weight and your overall improve fitness, health, and wellbeing, get in touch with one of these outstanding online weight loss personal trainers. With their support, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling like you’ve always dreamed. Research shows that those that work with a personal trainer are much more likely to stick to their weight-loss programmes.

How much is a weight loss personal trainer online? 

While some online weight loss personal trainers charge over £100 per session, others only charge £20 per session, and the average cost is about £53 per session

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