Why Hire a Cycling Personal Trainer?

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A cycling personal trainer on the road.

Bicycle paths and lanes are spreading throughout cities all over the world, and more and more people are cycling for environmental or money-saving purposes, or just to have fun. That the popularity of cycling is increasing is hardly surprising given the many benefits. Let’s quickly look at some of these before getting into why you might hire a cycling personal trainer.

  • Cycling allows you to go to work and exercise at the same time. By killing two birds with one stone like this, isn’t necessary to go somewhere before or after work to spend hours exercising.
  • Especially in busy cities where buses are slow, cycling can get you around much faster, making commutes much less stressful and much more enjoyable.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Instead of burning fossil fuels, you burn calories. (Biking at a moderate speed can allow a 155-pound person to say goodbye to 298 calories in just 30 minutes.)
  • It’s perfect if you’re on a budget as you save money you might otherwise spend on trains, buses, or petrol.
  • It’s comfortable. Instead of taking crowded buses or trains, you can be on your own, listening to your favourite podcast or playlist.
A cycling personal trainer in the countryside

In light of all that cycling offers, for many it becomes something of an obsession. They start by trying to beat their previous commute time, then, before they know it, they’re signing up to a long-distance race on the other side of the country. Any why not? If there’s something you love, why not dive into it? To really get the most out of their passion, many amateur cyclists seek the services of cycling personal trainers, who can provide a host of benefits.

The Benefits of a Cycling Personal Trainer

  • They can assess what you currently eat before and after cycling, and can suggest adjustments based on your energy consumption and recovery needs.
  • They can provide training plans that are based on your goals—whether you just want to use cycling to lose fat and improve fitness, or you want to compete in the next London to Paris Bike Ride. While training will of course involve time on the bike, a cycling personal trainer can also provide gym-based strength and conditioning programmes.
  • As you train, they can complete assessments of your fitness to see how you’re progressing. This might mean testing you on a static bike and/or analysing data from a device you wear while out on the road. The latter will allow them to see if it’s the hills, the flats, the start, the finish, or something else you need to focus on.
  • Like any good personal trainer, a cycling personal trainer can take account of injuries and provide you with ways of working around them so that you keep striding towards your goals.
  • Lastly, they can provide you with motivation and a sense of accountability. When you’re tired from work, it might be tempting to just skip that hour on the bike, but if you know you’ve got to share your data with your personal trainer the next day you might think twice!
Two cycling personal trainers in the mountains.

What next?

While the average annual sum of £1,200 for a cycling personal trainer can seem quite substantial, it’s easy to put this into perspective; this is no more than you’d spend if you bought a coffee and a sandwich every day or if you and your partner go out to dinner a couple of times per month. If you’re new to cycling, check out the beginner’s guides available here. If you’re ready to take your cycling to the next level, just head to the ukfitness.pro homepage, enter your location into the search box, then use the Specialty filter to identify cycling personal trainers near you. 

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