The Key Benefits of a Calisthenics Personal Trainer

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A calisthenics personal trainer doing push-ups.

(Looking for a calisthenics personal trainer? Just enter your location here, then select “Calisthenics” from the Speciality menu. For example, here's a list of calisthenics personal trainers in London. On the profile of each certified personal trainer in the list, you'll find more details about the individual, such as whether they have a calisthenics trainer certification, their years of experience, and the types of calisthenics classes they offer.)

The Key Benefits of a Calisthenics Personal Trainer 

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that primarily uses your body weight and barely requires any equipment to get started. 

It’s a very accessible form of resistance training, which is why working with a calisthenics personal trainer is a great option for people at any stage of their fitness journey – whether a complete beginner or a professional athlete. Calisthenics training can be used to train all major muscle groups and is a great way of improving your endurance, flexibility, coordination, functional strength, aerobic fitness, and overall health. 

Working with a certified fitness trainer can help you learn the best exercises that will work for your body type and current fitness goals. 

1. You Can Work With a Calisthenics Personal Trainer Online

If you enjoy working out at home and the convenience of online workout classes, you can opt to work with a calisthenics personal trainer online

Online training is ideal for calisthenics, as you don’t need any fancy weights or a treadmill to get started. With just a set of resistance bands and your own body weight, you’ll be ready to start your session. Online personal training is often slightly more affordable than in-person training, and if you lead a busy life, it can fit around your current schedule

You’ll be able to add a training session to your lunch break and enjoy the benefits of calisthenics in your own home.

2. Minimal Equipment is Needed to Work with a Calisthenics Personal Trainer

When starting out with a certain type of training, we often don’t want to invest in a whole load of equipment, such as weights and spinning bikes. 

Calisthenics was developed in Ancient Greece, and therefore, it is a form of strength training that primarily relies on your body to create resistance instead of using weights. Combining some elements of gymnastics and acrobatics with conditioning and strength-based exercises, you’ll enjoy bodyweight training without having to spend a penny on equipment. 

This means that you can enjoy this type of training and excellent progression without having to go to an expensive gym.

A calisthenics personal trainer doing a muscle-up.

There are hundreds of free, outdoor calisthenics gyms in the UK. As long as you have a pull-up bar and some flat ground, you'll be able to develop your upper body strength and physical fitness by completing simple calisthenics exercises like pull ups and push ups as a starting point before later incorporating more advanced exercises like the human flagfront leverback lever, and muscle ups. By combining bodyweight exercises like these with those that train your lower body (e.g., bodyweight squat), calisthenics can provide you with a full-body workout that will take your physical strength, body composition, levels of fitness, and capacity to function in everyday life to the next level. 

In fact, research published in the International Journal of Exercise Science indicates that fitness plans based on simple bodyweight movements can improve VO₂ max and overall strength. 

3. A Calisthenics Personal Trainer Will Teach a Range of Calisthenics Skills

You will master a range of skills that transform not just your physique but your overall quality of life. 

Trainers often have years of training clients under their belts and extensive experience in fitness and athletic training, which they'll draw upon to enable you to methodically enhance your strength and agility. You'll start with fundamental positions and movements before progressing to advanced techniques. 

As mentioned above, simple exercises include pull ups, push ups, and bodyweight squats, while more advanced techniques include levers and muscle-ups. However, there's an almost endless variety of other calisthenics skills, such as handstandsL-sitspistol squats, and planches, to name just a few. 

A calisthenics personal trainer on parallel bars.

Although some people go all-in on calisthenics, others choose to just incorporate some of these skills into their own training routine. For example, if you primarily follow a training method based on bodybuilding, you might realise that a certain calisthenic movement can be utilised within your split to target a muscle group more effectively than you can with machines at the gym. 

A significant part of the training focuses on mastering control over your own body weight, ensuring a solid foundation for complex exercises. 

This includes learning to properly engage your shoulder blades, a crucial aspect of exercises like pull-ups and push-ups. Emphasising the best methods and practices, a trainer will instill a true passion for a healthy lifestyle, guiding you to become the best version of yourself. Whether it's improving your performance in martial arts, participating in world street workout competitions, or simply leading an active lifestyle, the skills acquired through this training make a significant difference. 

A calisthenics personal trainer, with their dedication and hard work, ensures that every session brings you one step closer to peak performance and a robust, fulfilling "fitness career".

4. Build Muscle Mass with a Calisthenics Personal Trainer

For anyone whose primary focus when starting a new workout plan is building muscle mass, working with a calisthenics personal trainer is one of the best options for your needs. 

The exercises focus on building muscle mass as they work to create conditions where hypertrophy can occur. Typically, you’ll perform 8-12 reps of an exercise for up to three sets, with a rest of at least 60 seconds after each set. The resistance you’ll need to overcome will increase as you progress, but your calisthenics personal trainer will work with you to add more resistance and give you a greater challenge. 

Regardless of how strong you are, a good calisthenics personal trainer will offer you the right exercises to challenge you without pushing your body too far.

5. Track Your Progression With a Calisthenics Personal Trainer

Many find that when they exercise in a gym on a cross-trainer or weights machine, they often lose interest after a few months and struggle to track their progress. One of the best things about working with a calisthenics personal trainer is that they’ll continue to challenge you. After a few weeks of working on an exercise in one way, they can offer you a new modification that will push your body and strength further. You’ll find that a personal trainer can track your progress for you and will be able to adapt the workout to your needs as you gain more strength and muscle mass with calisthenics movements.

6. A Calisthenics Personal Trainer Can Reduce the Risk of Injury

While calisthenics is an excellent type of exercise for anyone to try, there is always a risk of injury if you’ve never tried calisthenics before. 

We recommend working with a calisthenics personal trainer at the start of your journey, as you’ll find they can guide you to use the proper form and avoid an injury. You won’t have to worry so much about getting injured or pushing yourself too far, as someone will be there to watch you and advise you if you are doing something dangerous.

While you may think that it’s okay to just start a new exercise plan without a trainer, it’s something we always recommend to make the most of your training sessions.

7. A Calisthenics Personal Trainer Will Accompany You on Your Weight Loss Journey

One of the biggest motivations for many individuals when it comes to working out is losing weight. 

Of course, you’ll need to ensure you eat healthily and maintain a balanced lifestyle in order to enjoy the benefits of adding more exercise to your routine. A calisthenics personal trainer will work with you to create a diet and exercise plan that is tailored to your goals and needs. Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, they’ll be here to support you and motivate you throughout your time working together. 

As calisthenics workouts can be taking on your muscles, your personal trainer may recommend that you use certain supplements that an assist with recovery, such as protein shakes or branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)

8. Keep Motivated With a Calisthenics Personal Trainer

There’s no denying that working out alone can be lonely and boring at times, but working a calisthenics personal trainer can help. They’ll ensure you are excited to keep working out and will always mix things up during each session so that you see results and enjoy training together. A calisthenics personal trainer will want you to keep going with your fitness journey and return time after time for sessions, so you can be sure they’ll put plenty of effort into making exciting training sessions that you’ll look forward to.

9. A Calisthenics Personal Trainer Will Tailor Your Training to Your Needs

Calisthenics personal trainers, often affiliated with organisations like the Calisthenics Federation, bring a wealth of personal experiences and professional expertise to the table. 

One of the biggest benefits of working with a calisthenics PT like this is that they understand that each individual's journey in fitness is unique, whether starting at a young age or later in life, and they utilise this understanding to craft the most effective approach for you.

A calisthenics personal trainer doing an L-site

Using their extensive knowledge of calisthenic movements and training methods, these professionals guide you from your starting position to more advanced stages. The best method for this is to employ progressive calisthenics, to gradually increase the intensity and complexity of workouts, ensuring steady progress without the risk of injury. This is the best way to ensure that you are consistently challenged and engaged, providing an incredible boost to both your physical capabilities and motivation. They can even take into account any advice you've been given by other fitness professionals (e.g., a physical therapist) when developing your training programme. 

With a focus on exercises using your own body weight, your trainer will ensure that the training is not only effective but also sustainable and adaptable, catering to your evolving fitness levels and life circumstances. This personalised attention guarantees that your training is not just a routine, but a journey towards becoming your best self.

Final Thoughts on Working With a Calisthenics Personal Trainer

As you can see, there are so many benefits of working with a calisthenics personal trainer. 

They’ll ensure you are safe throughout each of your training sessions and will work with you to make sure you avoid an injury when training. Regardless of your current fitness levels and whether you’ve tried calisthenics before, you’ll find that they can guide and motivate you every time you train together. 

By finding a great trainer, you can enjoy increasing your muscle mass and overall fitness levels during your online or in-person training sessions.

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