How to Train at Home

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UK Fitness Pro
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Simple equipment that can be used to train at home.

Completing an at home workout can be just as effective as working out in the gym. If completed correctly and consistently, it will be just as effective as your regular keeping fit plan. 

If you are short of space or funds, there are plenty of ways to exercise at home without equipment. Free online workouts make it easy to exercise from home, or you can find a bodyweight training routine to fit your needs. 

Do not let a lack of equipment stop you from reaching your goals, but do consider it as you progress on your fitness journey. 

Now, let's take a look at how to train at home

What types of exercise should I start with as a beginner if I want to train at home?

Some exercises are more suited to newbies due to their difficulty and length:

  • Pilates is easy to incorporate into home workouts and does not require much equipment.
  • HIIT workouts can be done at home as they involve bodyweight exercises, meaning you don't have to buy any special equipment. You can find free HIIT workouts on YouTube or make your own program.
  • Bodyweight workout routines can be found on the Internet or at your local gym, and are ideal for beginners looking to build their strength.

Dumbbells are relatively cheap online if you want to train at home

If you want to include strength training in your home workout routine but don't have dumbbells, don't despair. By picking up a few dumbbells online, you can ensure that you have access to a wide range of weights and a selection of different exercises. There’s no reason to go to the gym if you want to take your workout to the next level at home. 

Training at home is sometimes better than at the gym

Whether you have just a few minutes for a quick core workout or want to take part in a month-long plan, there are plenty of great exercises to do at home. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, and you can do your next chest workout at home or at your gym. Alternatively, take part in an at-home yoga challenge if that’s more your scene.

Basic or advanced equipment… it all helps if you want to train at home!

Whether you're purchasing some basic exercise equipment or setting up a full gym in your home, home workouts could be the key to increasing your fitness levels. A structured plan can help you save time, train regularly and make a huge difference to your fitness. 

When you exercise at home, there is always a new routine or a different combination of workouts to experiment with. You’ll never have to complete the same workout twice, so you can avoid becoming bored with your training this year. 

Author: Ryan Stinson

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