8 Amazing Benefits of Small Group Personal Training

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People enjoying small group personal training.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer near you, just enter your location into the search box on the ukfitness.pro homepage. You can then use the “Specialty” filter to find personal trainers that provide small group training. For example, here are London-based PTs that offer group sessions

Now, here are eight amazing benefits of small group personal training

1. Small Group Personal Training Rates Are Low

Compared to one-on-one personal training sessions, the rates are naturally much lower for training in a small group. 

When the cost of hiring a personal trainer is split between a few of you, it will be much more affordable. You’ll find that you’ll be able to enjoy two or three sessions a week with a small group for the cost of just one session alone. If you are looking for a long-term solution that won’t break the bank, small group personal training is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of personal training at a much lower cost. 

By entering your location into the search box on the ukfitness.pro homepage, you’ll be able to see how much personal trainers in your area are charging. 

Tip: You can find a small group PT near you by entering your location into our homepage and then using the Speciality menu to identify trainers who work with groups. For example, you could do this to find PTs in London who provide their services in a small group setting

People participating in small group personal training.

2. You Can Do Small Group Personal Training Online

If you enjoy working out at home, you may not want to go to the gym for small group personal training. 

At-home personal training can be another affordable option, and you can still benefit from working with a small group of people in this setting. Online training is such a convenient solution that can work around your lifestyle, and you will save time travelling to and from the gym for each training session. Small group personal training can be enjoyed online and in person, so you could opt for a combination of the two to fit around your other commitments each week. 

Even if you don’t have any fancy equipment in your home, such as a cross trainer or exercise bike, you won’t need to worry as a PT can offer you bodyweight exercises that will be just as effective.

Tip: If you work long hours and often lack the time to attend regular gym classes, online small-group training could be a great choice. You can find hundreds of qualified online fitness professionals on ukfitness.pro. Whether you're interested in semi-private training (e.g., just with a partner or close friend) or working out within smaller groups or in large groups, the trainers on our site would be delighted to hear from you. 

3. Small Group Personal Training is Tailored to Your Needs

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey currently, you’ll find that small group personal training can be fully customised to your needs

A good personal trainer will group you with other people who are at about the same place in their fitness journey, so you’ll all be working towards similar goals. They can still offer modifications for everyone in the group, so if you are recovering from an injury or still working on building your strength in one area, they’ll be able to make suggestions to fit your current situation. 

Small group personal training doesn’t cram too many people into each session, so you’ll still all receive the attention and support you need on your fitness journey.

Tip: Above every list of PTs on ukfitness.pro you'll find a Specialty menu that can be used to find personal trainers with the required expertise. For example, you can find personal trainers in London (and throughout the UK) with expertise in athletic performanceboot campsfree weightshigh-intensity interval trainingindoor cyclingresistance trainingstrength training, and helping pregnant women or those with health problems

4. Meet New People with Small Group Personal Training

There’s no denying that many of us rarely get the chance to get out and about and meet other people. 

If you are looking to meet people in your local area who have similar interests to you, small group sessions can be an excellent way to make new friends. On top of that, you’ll all be there to support each other during your sessions. 

This camaraderie and friendship can help motivate you to never miss a session and keep going, even on those days when working out is the last thing you feel like doing.

Tip: Check out Hussle to find the best gyms near you. With their passes, you can often access multiple gyms, including those that offer group fitness classes. 

5. Receive Social Support Through Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training offers a unique blend of social support and fitness guidance, making it an effective way for new clients to integrate into a thriving community. Group fitness instructors adept at managing group dynamics can ​foster a sense of community among participants from different backgrounds. This supportive environment encourages members to give a helping hand to one another, enhancing motivation, accountability, and commitment to one's fitness goals.

Tip: The types of group exercise classes offered by PTs on ukfitness.pro include boot campsgeneral fitness classes to increase your heart rategeneral circuit training, and office circuit classes.

6. Small Group Personal Training is More Fun

One-on-one training can be a great experience, but sometimes it can be a little serious or lonely. 

With a group of you to support each other, you’ll often find yourself laughing and joking around to keep each other going. There’s so much more energy in a class with a few other participants, and you’ll soon all get to know each other and understand each other’s personalities. 

It’s a fun way to keep motivated when exercising, and you’ll also enjoy your sessions from a social point of view.

Tips: Trainers on our site usually list their qualifications on their profiles. While all our trainers will have a level-3 personal training qualification, many also have degrees in subjects like exercise science. Check out potential trainers' qualifications to see whether they have expertise in specific areas of fitness that interest you. 

People stretching as part of small group personal training.

7. Keep Accountable with Small Group Personal Training

Small group training sessions encourage you to be much more accountable when working towards a specific fitness or weight loss goal. 

Instead of signing up for a group class on spinning bikes or working out on your yoga mat with a home YouTube video, you have a group expecting you to arrive for your workout class. You won’t just be letting yourself down when you skip a workout, as your new friends will also hope to see you at each session. 

You’ll find that you are less likely to skip a workout when other people are counting on you, and they’ll feel the same about not missing classes, too.

Tip: If you find a personal trainer you're interested in working with, check out their social media profiles to learn more about them and their client base. Experienced trainers with years of experience will often share stories about the successes of their group and one-on-one clients on their social profiles, which will give you an idea of the results you could expect working with them. 

8. Small Group Personal Training Works Around Your Schedule

The beauty of small group training classes is that you can fit them around your schedule

With only a few of you to work around, it’s much easier to shift the time of a session if something comes up in your work or personal life one day. It can be so easy to skip out on heading to the gym for a run on a treadmill after a busy day, but when your class has been scheduled during your lunch break, you’ll find it much easier to exercise

This type of training offers much more flexibility, and you can all work together to find the perfect time slot for your class each week.

Tip: One of the best ways to reduce the time you need to spend training is to do a full-body workout that uses both the upper and lower body and improves your fitness level. 

What are the Drawbacks of Small Group Personal Training?

Although we're focusing on the benefits of small group training here, it's important to acknowledge its potential limitations so that you can make an informed decision. 

While cost-effective and sociable, small group personal training presents certain drawbacks compared to one-on-one sessions, especially for clients with specific fitness goals. In a group setting, the personal attention from a certified personal trainer is inevitably diluted, as the trainer must divide their focus among all group members. This can lead to less tailored exercise programmes that might not fully meet each client's needs, impacting the effectiveness of their workout regimen. Additionally, the dynamics of group training may not suit everyone; individuals may feel less motivated or overlooked, particularly if their progress pace differs significantly from others. 

For gym owners and fitness industry professionals aiming for the best results and client satisfaction, the challenge lies in maintaining a balance between personal attention and the supportive environment of group classes.

Tip: Just hit the Contact button that appears on all of the trainers' profiles on our site to reach out to them to see whether they have a time slot available that would work for you in light of your schedule and daily tasks. 

Final Words on Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training is an excellent option for individuals at any stage of their fitness journey. Many people attribute their improved health and well-being to the camaraderie experienced with this type of training, so we highly encourage you to try it if you haven’t already.

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