Personal Trainers in Havant

Where to Train With a Personal Trainer in Havant

With views of the water and loads of great outdoor spaces, there are plenty of options when it comes to meeting up with a personal trainer in Havant. Whether you’d like a run along the coast or a total body HIIT workout in Havant park, one of the experienced personal trainers in Havant below will be happy to help. When the weather’s less than ideal, one of the trainers will be pleased to provide you with a session online, or to come meet you at your home or local gym

How to Find a Personal Trainer in Havant

If you know what you’re looking for in your new trainer, try out the filters below to find a personal trainer in Havant that has just what you’re after. Once you’ve identified a few local trainers that have the skills and experience you require, send a few quick messages via the trainers’ profiles to find out how they can accompany you on your fitness journey. 

A personal trainer in Havant.

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Closest verified trainers

  • Nasreen Buchan personal trainer

    Nasreen Buchan

    From £25 per session

    Dance, Pilates, Posture, Flexibility, Exercise Referral, Cardiac Health, Core Conditioning

    Kinross Crescent, Portsmouth
    3.08 miles from Havant

  • Joe Hopkins personal trainer

    Joe Hopkins

    From £20 per session

    Weight Loss, Toning, Fitness

    Park Lane
    3.44 miles from Havant

  • Sally Carter personal trainer

    Sally Carter

    Fitness, Pilates, Older Adults, Aqua Aerobics, Conditioning, Circuit Training, Special Populations, Boot Camps

    Mayles Road, Portsmouth, Southsea
    4.87 miles from Havant

  • Glen Abrahart personal trainer

    Glen Abrahart

    From £35 per session

    Weight Loss, CrossFit, Combat Conditioning, Clubbell Training, Kettlebell Training, Functional Training, Kettlebells

    4.95 miles from Havant

  • Naomi Bazeley personal trainer

    Naomi Bazeley

    From £35 per session

    CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting

    5.03 miles from Havant

  • Jay Jay Harvey personal trainer

    Jay Jay Harvey


    Rodney Road, Portsmouth, Southsea
    5.06 miles from Havant

  • Az Wumi personal trainer

    Az Wumi

    Fat Loss, Toning, Muscle Development

    Rodney Road, Portsmouth, Southsea
    5.06 miles from Havant

  • Nuno Barreto personal trainer

    Nuno Barreto

    Weight Loss, Nutrition, Weight Gain, Strength, Circuit Training, Boxercise, Functional Training, CrossFit, Strongman Training, Core Conditioning

    Dickinson Road, Portsmouth, Southsea
    5.26 miles from Havant

  • Stephan Konrad personal trainer

    Stephan Konrad

    Weight Loss, Toning, Suspension Training, Body Transformations

    5.3 miles from Havant

  • Cindy Smith personal trainer

    Cindy Smith

    From £35 per session

    Fat Loss, Strength, Flexibility, Core Conditioning, Postnatal Training, All round body fitness & tone, Abs, Muscle Building, Bodybuilding

    Keats Avenue, Portsmouth
    5.75 miles from Havant

  • Harley Elliott personal trainer

    Harley Elliott

    Nutrition, Weight Loss, Muscle Development

    Woodpath, Portsmouth, Southsea
    6.24 miles from Havant

  • Jennifer Wainwright personal trainer

    Jennifer Wainwright

    From £35 per session

    Health, Weight Loss, Strength, Toning, Postnatal Training, Fitness for Women

    Fareham, Hampshire
    8.82 miles from Havant

  • Paul Tully personal trainer

    Paul Tully

    From £35 per session

    Athletic Performance, Older Adults, Core Conditioning, Habit Change, GP Exercise Referral, Resistance Training, Group Training

    Fareham, Hampshire
    8.82 miles from Havant

  • Barbra Light PT personal trainer

    Barbra Light PT

    From £30 per session

    Core Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Flexibility & Mobility, Nutrition & Weight Management, Stress Management, Body Sculpting, Weight Loss, Flexibility, Mobility

    8.82 miles from Havant

  • Tracey Abbott personal trainer

    Tracey Abbott

    From £23.5 per session

    Circuit Training, Core Conditioning, Boxing & Padwork, Group Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Management, Rehabilitation & GP Referral, Spinning, Weight Loss, Posture, Sports Massage and Therapy

    Fareham, Hampshire
    8.82 miles from Havant

  • Vince Starr personal trainerVerified profile

    Vince Starr

    From £50 per session

    Yoga, Animal Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Retreats, Mental Health, Meditation, Relaxation

    Chichester, West Sussex
    9.21 miles from Havant

  • Nicola Kuntze personal trainer

    Nicola Kuntze

    Biomechanics, Injury Prevention, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Sports Performance, Prenatal and Postnatal Training, Rehabilitation

    Chichester, West Sussex
    9.21 miles from Havant

  • Ben Price personal trainer

    Ben Price

    From £30 per session

    Boxing & Padwork, Core Conditioning, Life Coaching, Functional Training, Strength Training/Conditioning, Suspension Training, Weightlifting, Weight Loss, Boxing, Padwork, Posture, Sports Massage and Therapy, Weight Lifting

    Chichester, West Sussex
    9.21 miles from Havant

  • Kristina March personal trainer

    Kristina March

    From £30 per session

    Kettlebells, Nutrition

    9.59 miles from Havant

  • Josh Juryeff personal trainer

    Josh Juryeff

    From £30 per session

    Body Transformations, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Massage and Therapy

    11.26 miles from Havant

  • Carolyn McClellan personal trainer

    Carolyn McClellan

    Fat Loss

    Whiteley, Hampshire
    11.35 miles from Havant

  • Gen Preece personal trainer

    Gen Preece

    Injury Prevention, Sport-Specific Training

    Southampton Road, Hampshire
    11.59 miles from Havant

  • Jack Harrison personal trainer

    Jack Harrison

    From £30 per session

    Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, All round body fitness & tone, Athletic Performance, Body Recomposition, Bodyweight Training, Fitness for Beginners, Fitness 50+/Seniors, Functional Movement, Mobility, Golf, Strength Training, TRX (Suspension Training)

    Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire
    12.42 miles from Havant

  • Elliot Chudleigh personal trainer

    Elliot Chudleigh

    Weight Loss, Holistic Health

    Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire
    12.42 miles from Havant