Nicola Kuntze personal trainer

Nicola Kuntze

Chichester Personal Trainer
Chichester, West Sussex
Biomechanics, Injury Prevention, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Sports Performance, Prenatal and Postnatal Training, Rehabilitation


Nicola is a cutting edge functional performance trainer who specialises in getting the best out of her clients at whatever stage of fitness they are at.

With her skill set and knowledge, Nicola has been trained and worked alongside the country’s leading trainers and is regarded as a specialist in bio-mechanics and sports performance. Her background in sports and education at the leading sports science university has provided her with specialist training in weight loss and nutrition for training.

Nicola has worked with international hockey players as well as professional cricketers and tennis coaches, and is regarded as instrumental in preventing injuries as well as increasing the length of top-level sports careers.

Nicola also works closely with post-op hip and shoulder patients and has had great success in speeding recovery and rehabilitation in many of her clients.

Lastly, Nicola’s specialist knowledge of bio-mechanics has led her to develop a unique and extremely successful approach to pre- and post-natal training. At whatever stage after childbirth you are at (and that can mean years), Nicola can help improve movement and fitness performance.

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