Personal Trainers in East Grinstead

Where to Train With a Personal Trainer in East Grinstead

Surrounded by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and with lots of small parks, there’s no shortage of great locations around West Sussex to work out with a personal trainer in East Grinstead. Maybe you’d like a weight loss circuit workout in Brooklands Park, a total body HIIT workout in Mount Noddy Park, or weight training in the comfort of your own home or garden? Whatever your preferences, one of the qualified personal trainers in East Grinstead below will be happy to assist you. 

How to Find a Personal Trainer in East Grinstead

Try out the filters below to find a personal trainer in East Grinstead that can meet you in the ideal location for you and that has the expertise you’re after, then send them a quick message through the profile to start discussing how they can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals this year. 

A personal trainer in East Grinstead.

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  • Naomi Cahill personal trainer

    Naomi Cahill

    From £35 per session

    Aerobic Conditioning, All round body fitness & tone, Anxiety Management, Body Confidence, Bodyweight Training, Covid19 recovery, Fat Loss, Self-Esteem, Free Weights

    East Grinstead

  • Rosemary Roberts personal trainer

    Rosemary Roberts

    From £40 per session

    Kettlebells, Core Conditioning, Boxing & Padwork, Circuit Training, Nutrition & Weight Management, Spinning, Weight Loss, GP Exercise Referral

    East Grinstead, West Sussex

  • Fiona Coppard personal trainer

    Fiona Coppard

    From £35 per session

    Midlife Training, Nutrition

    Hever, Edenbridge, Kent
    6.7 miles from East Grinstead

  • Mara Kalnina personal trainer

    Mara Kalnina

    From £25 per session

    Muscle Development, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Toning

    8.6 miles from East Grinstead

  • Lauren Thatcher personal trainer

    Lauren Thatcher

    From £40 per session

    Boxing, Rehabilitation, Fat Loss, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Hypertrophy Training, Endurance, Body Transformations

    8.7 miles from East Grinstead

  • Alexandra Merisoiu personal trainer

    Alexandra Merisoiu

    From £80 per session

    Running, Martial Arts, Back Pain Management, Natural Movement, Outdoor Training

    8.86 miles from East Grinstead

  • Max Barson personal trainer

    Max Barson

    From £35 per session

    Core Conditioning, Corporate Wellness, Fitness Testing, Flexibility & Mobility, Nutrition & Weight Management, Sports Coaching, Strength Training/Conditioning, Weight Loss, Posture, Sports Massage and Therapy

    Haywards Heath, West Sussex
    9.82 miles from East Grinstead

  • Glenn Chapman personal trainer

    Glenn Chapman

    From £40 per session

    Alternative Therapies, Body Sculpting, Circuit Training, Group Fitness, Weight Loss, Functional Training, Nutrition & Weight Management, Strength Training/Conditioning, Weightlifting, Corporate Wellness, Group Training, Weight Lifting

    Crowborough, East Sussex
    10.07 miles from East Grinstead

  • Martyn Parry personal trainer

    Martyn Parry

    Weight Loss, Fitness

    10.51 miles from East Grinstead

  • Ed Jenkins personal trainer

    Ed Jenkins

    From £30 per session

    Boxercise, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Military Fitness

    10.84 miles from East Grinstead

  • Rob Bowman personal trainer

    Rob Bowman

    From £45 per session

    Weight Loss, Fitness, Toning

    Tunbridge Wells
    11.54 miles from East Grinstead

  • Carl Miller personal trainer

    Carl Miller

    From £40 per session

    Football, Kickboxing, Core Conditioning, Boxing & Padwork, Fitness 50+/Seniors, Nutrition & Weight Management, Pre- & Post-Natal Training, Spinning, Strength Training/Conditioning, Weightlifting, Weight Loss, Boxing, Padwork, Fitness for Older Adults, Martial Arts, Prenatal and Postnatal Training, Weight Lifting

    Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    12.08 miles from East Grinstead

  • Richard Cooper personal trainer

    Richard Cooper

    From £40 per session

    Body Sculpting, Toning, Bodybuilding, Nutrition & Weight Management, Circuit Training, Functional Training, Flexibility & Mobility, Weight Loss, Posture

    Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    12.08 miles from East Grinstead

  • Sophie Stirk personal trainer

    Sophie Stirk

    From £45 per session

    Body Sculpting, Circuit Training, Fitness Classes, Kettlebell Training, Pre- & Post-Natal Training, Functional Training, Nutrition & Weight Management, Flexibility & Mobility, Boxing & Padwork, Suspension Training

    Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    12.08 miles from East Grinstead

  • Catherine Marx personal trainer

    Catherine Marx

    From £40 per session

    Nutrition, Indoor Cycling, Exercise Referral, Fat Loss, Core Conditioning, Obesity, Diabetes, Psychology

    Tunbridge Wells
    12.18 miles from East Grinstead