Renzo Algieri personal trainer

Renzo Algieri

The Renzo Effect
Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff
Bodybuilding, Muscle Building, Fat Loss, Nutrition


Sports nutrition, health, and well being have been my passion for over 30 years. My knowledge has enabled me to become a champion body builder and also compete at the age of 56.

I love improving the lives of the many I work with through my 1-to-1 personal coaching and through online support and motivation.

Working closely with companies is another big passion of mine, improving the health and well being of team members; becoming healthier and happier in work means employees can become more productive even causing a drastic drop in sickness levels!

I work to give people the tools to change their life through exercise and diet. Everyone is capable of doing it; we all have the power to turn our lives around—sometimes we just need a little motivation and direction.

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