Personal Trainers in Bromsgrove

Where to Train With a Personal Trainer in Bromsgrove

With loads of great outdoor spaces, there are loads of options when it comes to meeting up with a personal trainer in Bromsgrove. Whether it’s some cardio in Sanders Park or a bodyweight workout in Bromsgrove Recreation Ground, one of the personal trainers in Bromsgrove below will be happy to help. If you’d prefer to train at home, in your garden, in your local Bromsgrove gym, or even just online, that’s no problem either. 

How to Find a Personal Trainer in Bromsgrove

Try out the filters below to find a personal trainer in Bromsgrove who you think you’d work well with, then just send them a quick message via their profile to start discussing how they can accompany you on your health and fitness journey this year. 

A personal trainer in Bromsgrove.

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  • Peter Hughes personal trainer

    Peter Hughes

    From £30 per session

    Fitness 50+/Seniors, Flexibility & Mobility, Suspension Training, Functional Training, Natural Movement, Falls Prevention, Fitness for Older Adults, Balance, Exercise for Older Adults, Older Adults, Over 50s Fitness, Posture

    Longbridge, Birmingham, West Midlands
    5.1 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Tony Green personal trainer

    Tony Green

    From £40 per session

    Circuit Training, Alternative Therapies, Core Conditioning, Corporate Wellness, Stress Management, Boot Camps, Martial Arts, Self-Defence, Older Adults, Flexibility, Mobility

    Redditch, Worcestershire
    5.44 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Katie Tomkins personal trainer

    Katie Tomkins

    From £25 per session

    Metafit, Circuit Training, Nutrition, Aerobics, Legs/Bums/Tums, Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    6.93 miles from Bromsgrove

  • David personal trainer


    From £25 per session

    Weightlifting, Kettlebells, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Boot Camps, Group Training, Bodyweight Training, Corporate Wellness, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength, Weight Lifting

    7.69 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Nic Palmer Rook  personal trainer

    Nic Palmer Rook

    From £28 per session

    Weight Loss, Fitness, Fitness for Children

    Lisle Avenue, Kidderminster, Worcestershire
    8.64 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Rich Priest personal trainer

    Rich Priest

    From £20 per session

    Fat Loss, Strength Training, Body Confidence, Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Muscle Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Sports Therapy, Joints

    Quinton, West Midlands
    8.89 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Jak Woolley personal trainer

    Jak Woolley

    From £30 per session

    Fat Loss, Weight Training, Toning, Cardiovascular Fitness, Nutrition, Fitness, Diet Plans

    9.18 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Adam Poole personal trainer

    Adam Poole

    From £27.5 per session

    Core Conditioning, Boxing & Padwork, Flexibility & Mobility, Nutrition & Weight Management, Strength Training/Conditioning, Weight Loss, Boxing, Padwork, Flexibility, Mobility, Martial Arts, SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness), Nutrition

    Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill, West Midlands
    9.59 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Tony Ord personal trainer

    Tony Ord

    From £30 per session

    Weight Loss, Fitness, Nutrition

    9.92 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Jess Monaghan personal trainer

    Jess Monaghan

    From £30 per session

    Motivation, Hypertrophy Training, Endurance, Nutrition, Fat Loss, Strength

    Rowley Regis
    9.99 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Stephen Emelieze personal trainer

    Stephen Emelieze

    From £50 per session

    Strength and Conditioning, Speed and Agility, Weight Loss, Toning, Nutrition, Sprinting

    10.56 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Cain Leathem personal trainer

    Cain Leathem

    From £40 per session

    Alternative Therapies, Core Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Corporate Wellness, Fitness Testing, Weight Loss, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Nutrition, Weight Management, Rehabilitation, GP Exercise Referral

    Moseley, Birmingham, West Midlands
    10.71 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Marcus Alsop personal trainer

    Marcus Alsop

    From £40 per session

    Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Diet Plans, Sport-Specific Training

    11.05 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Mo Barra Fitness & Sports Performance personal trainer

    Mo Barra Fitness & Sports Performance

    From £40 per session

    Strength Training, Bodyweight Training, Fat Loss, Calisthenics, Boxing, Hypertrophy Training, Functional Training, Bodybuilding, Speed and Agility, Strength and Conditioning

    5ways Transformation Gym Birmingham
    11.28 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Steven Nettleford personal trainer

    Steven Nettleford

    From £30 per session

    Boxing, Kickboxing, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Weight Loss, Body Transformations, Circuit Training, Self-Defence, Sport-Specific Training

    11.87 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Darren Mason personal trainer

    Darren Mason

    From £40 per session

    Core Conditioning, Boot Camps, Boxing & Padwork, Nutrition & Weight Management, Sports Coaching, Strength Training/Conditioning, Weight Loss, Boxing, Padwork, Posture

    Worcester, Worcestershire
    11.92 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Matthew Stephens personal trainer

    Matthew Stephens

    From £35 per session

    Running, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Boxercise, Biomechanics, Circuit Training, Core Conditioning, Kettlebells

    12 miles from Bromsgrove

  • Lloyd Sewell personal trainer

    Lloyd Sewell

    From £30 per session

    Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, CrossFit, Nutrition

    12.34 miles from Bromsgrove