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Personal Trainers in Colchester

If you’re wondering how to get a personal trainer in Colchester, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll answer the question, “what is the usual price of a personal trainer in Colchester?” and will provide links to PTs with different rates, genders, and specialties

Additionally, we’ll take a look at some of the best places to meet up with a personal trainer in Colchester. 

Personal Trainers in Colchester (Essex)

If you’re not looking for anything in particular just yet and would like to browse all local fitness professionals, take a look at this general list of personal trainers in Colchester

How much should you pay for a personal trainer in Colchester? 

Personal trainer prices in Colchester tend to be between £25 and £45 per session, with the average price coming in at about £34, which is similar to the average cost of personal training in the UK

If you’d prefer to not spend too much at this time, you might be interested in one of these more affordable personal trainers in Colchester, who all charge between £20 and £30 per session. 

Check out this article on personal training in Essex to see how prices in Colchester compare with elsewhere in the county.

Male and female personal trainers in Colchester

If you have a preference with respect to the gender of the PT you work with, check out these links: 

Types of personal training in Colchester

Here are some of the areas in which the Colchester-based personal trainers on the site specialise:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Try go to this general list of PTs in Colchester and use the filters that appear above the list of trainers to identify those with specific skills and characteristics. 

Where to meet with a PT in Colchester

Whether you’d like to exercise at a gym in Colchester, such as The Gym Group ColchesterBannatynes Colchester, or Pump Gyms Colchester, or outside, such as at the calisthenics equipment near Pavilion View Road, there are some amazing places to get your sweat on with a personal trainer in the town. 

Other outdoor locations include the picturesque Castle Park, which provides a scenic backdrop for bootcamp-style workouts, the peaceful Abbey Field, ideal for yoga or Pilates sessions, and the High Woods Country Park, offering long trails for walking and running. 

If you’d prefer something a little more private, many local fitness pros would be pleased to come to your home, provide you with online personal training, or host you in their own personal training gyms

Final words on personal trainers in Colchester

Hopefully, this article will have helped you to identify a fitness professional that can help you with your health and fitness objectives. 

If you’re still asking yourself, “where can I find a personal trainer near me?”, try head to the homepage and enter your location into the search box. 

With so many personal trainers in the UK (almost 25,000), rest assured that there’s somewhere out there that’s perfect for you. 

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