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John Ripley

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Aerodrome Road, Bekesbourne, Canterbury, Kent
Weight Loss, Nutrition, Circuit Training


Hard works pays off. I have been that person who was overweight, unfit, ate all the wrong foods, hated what I saw in the mirror and was generally unhappy. My wake up call came at the age of 52. I was on a holiday when a close family member took glee in telling me, after seeing me walking topless on a beach, "I see you stopped going to the gym".

Wow. That hurt, made me angry, but I also felt ashamed.

At this stage I weighed 98kg and decided that only I could do something about it. I started exercising and changing what I ate. I did not follow any "fad" diet plans. I began to understand that food is just fuel for energy and that good nutrition meant I had more energy for exercise and thus helped to change my body shape. Two years later, with regular exercise and sensible eating, I weighed (and still weigh) 80 kg.

I have been on the journey so I know how it can be difficult; we all lead busy lives, with work, kids, home etc. However, I am proof that it is achievable, but it comes down to one simple fact: do you want to change?

If you're reading this, then some part of you wants to change, to be happier, fitter, healthier, more confident, and to have more energy. You might want your clothes to fit better or just feel good about yourself. Remember: I have been there so I can help you. I can design a programme to suit your needs, give you nutritional advice, offer emotional support and help you on your journey.

I will not make unachievable promises to you, but I will guarantee two things: 1) I will get you fitter and 2) you will have fun.

Life is short, so make it count. Make a change today, send me a message and let’s start your journey, together.

I look forward to helping you change your life.


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