10 Heartfelt Ways to Thank Your Personal Trainer

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UK Fitness Pro
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Someone thanking a personal trainer

A great personal trainer does more than just get you in shape — they enrich your whole life. You’ll form a strong bond when working up a sweat and will get to know one another on a deeply personal level. 

Good personal trainers do plenty of overtime on your behalf, too. When they aren’t actively training you, they’re modifying your programme, assessing your progress, and researching new training methods. 

Thanking your personal trainer is the perfect way to show that you recognise the extra effort they put in. Even small gestures, like buying them a morning coffee, can go a long way. 

Recognize their Emotional Labour

Personal trainers work hard to connect with you and understand the challenges you face in life. This is a type of emotional labour that may eventually take a toll on their health and well-being. They may also use surface acting during your sessions to bring a high-energy approach to your workout, even if they’re feeling a little low themselves. 

Recognising your personal trainer’s emotional labour is a great way to say “thank you.” Just a simple statement like, “I appreciate the energy you bring to my workout — it really helps” can go a long way. It shows you recognise their hard work and appreciate the labour that often goes unseen. 

Thank You Card

A well-composed thank you card reinforces the fact you care about your personal trainer's hard work. They’re sure to feel appreciated when you give them a card, too, as it shows you’ve taken time out of your day to say “thank you!” The perfect thank you card contains six key elements: 

  • A friendly salutation;
  • An expression of gratitude;
  • Elaboration on their impact;
  • Acknowledgement of their thoughtfulness;
  • A look to the future;
  • An empathetic sign-off.

Writing a note in your thank you card is almost certain to fill your personal trainer with joy and gratitude. If you want to double down on your “thank you” note, consider filling the envelope with a gift card to their favourite coffee shop. 

Wrist Straps

Your personal trainer probably trains themselves just as intensely as they train you. However, most personal trainers are reluctant to spend big on their own workout equipment. Replace their old, sweaty wrist straps with a fresh set. This will power up their future workout and they’ll think of you whenever they use the wrist straps to deadlift or lat pulldowns! 

A personal trainer wearing wrist straps

Shoe Laces

Personal trainers are constantly on their feet. As a result, they wear out their trainers quickly. Give their current footwear a glow-up by buying them a fresh set of shoelaces. Shoelaces are a budget-friendly way to show your appreciation and will be particularly well-received if your personal trainer considers themselves a sneakerhead. 

Coffee Cards

Personal trainers are fuelled by caffeine. A quick shot of espresso helps them stay active and engaged throughout the day, no matter how many clients they’ve seen. However, all that coffee can be expensive. Save your personal trainer some cash by picking up a coffee card from their favourite shop. This will show you care about their preferences and want to support them throughout the day. 


You don’t have to spend big on workout equipment to say “thank you”. Sometimes, just showing up on time, ready to go is all the thanks a personal trainer needs. This is particularly important if your personal trainer has created a bespoke programme for you, as they need to make maximal use of your time together. 

Consider warming up before your personal trainer session begins to show you really care about your session. Warm-ups are usually simple but will eat into your time together. Just consult your personal trainer first, as they may have some exercise-specific warm-ups they want you to complete. 


Once you’ve come to the end of your time with a personal trainer, you may want to consider buying a programme from them. Transitioning from direct personal trainer work to a programme is a great way to stay in touch and shows that you value your personal trainer’s methods. Enquire about programme options and choose one which aligns with your current health goals. 


Busy personal trainers struggle to find time for lunch. They’re always hustling between clients and barely have a moment’s rest between group exercise classes. Support your personal trainer by picking up a dozen of their snacks. Even quick treats, like energy bars and protein shakes, can support your personal trainer’s health and help them bring their best self to every workout. 

Energy bars

Lifting Belts

Your personal trainer has probably been using the same lifting belt for years. Show your appreciation by ordering a lifting belt in their size. A new lifting belt can help them maximize their performance in the gym, and you’ll always come to mind when they PR their squat while wearing your gift. 

Just be sure to buy the correct belt. Some lifters prefer skinny belts, while others enjoy the support that thicker versions provide. 

A personal trainer wearing a lifting belt

Olympic Shoes

Olympic weightlifting shoes can supercharge any squat-oriented workout. They can be a little pricey, however, so most lifters only replace their shoes when they’re completely worn out. Help your personal trainer look and feel great by picking up a new pair of Olympic shoes for them. 

Speak to your personal trainer before buying Olympic weightlifting shoes. Double-check that they actually use them, as they usually run somewhere around £200. They’ll probably know which make and model they want, too, which can help you make the right purchase. 

Gift Cards

You don’t have to break the bank to say “thank you” to your personal trainer. Instead, consider a ​​£10 gift card to a sportswear shop or local business. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a personal trainer that comes to your home. Personal trainers that travel to you are always spending big on new equipment and that gift card can help them pick up some new exercise bands or buy lunch at a nearby cafe. 


A good personal trainer goes the extra mile for you. Reward their hard work with a heartfelt thank you. Even a small gesture, like a handwritten thank you card, can make a world of difference to your personal trainer. If you do decide to pick up a gift, consider buying something that your personal trainer will use in their own workouts. This will help your personal trainer achieve their fitness goals and show that you care about their health and happiness.