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Lidia Peto, the focus of this personal trainer story

Lidia Peto has an incredible life story that has allowed her to help others overcome their mental and physical health challenges. Lidia is such an inspiration to our team, which is why we are excited to share her story and how she became a personal trainer. Keep reading to learn more about Lidia Peto and how she overcame her past challenges and difficult relationships to enjoy a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Who is Lidia Peto?

Lidia Peto is a proud single mother who was born in South Africa to a Hungarian father and English grandparents. She grew up always dreaming about what she wanted to achieve in life, but due to the trauma, abuse, and poverty she was struggling with, her life took a different journey than the one she aspired to. Her suffering in life has become her strength and has allowed her to become the person she is today.

When Lidia moved to the UK, she found herself feeling more stressed and anxious than she had back in South Africa. She started to rely on smoking, drinking, and a less healthy lifestyle. Over the last few years, Lidia started to make changes to improve her physical, mental, and emotional health with the aim of becoming a better person. She now knows that she can make the best of anything that comes her way in life and has transformed her life to one where she is thriving every day. After working in the automotive industry for 15 years, she knew it was time to return to the dreams she had as a young girl.

Lidia, the focus of this personal trainer story, stretching.

Personal Training and Life Coaching with Lidia Peto

Lidia decided it was time to make a change in her life and follow her heart and passions. She is now a life coach, a Level 3 personal trainer, and a Level 4 nutritional advisor. As far as her personal training work, she focuses on older adults, antenatal, and post-natal care, which are all passions of hers. She is also an inspirational blogger, a wellbeing and mindfulness advocate, and a professional speaker. In everything she does, you can see her passion for life, and Lidia loves to explore and travel in her free time.

Lidia lives by two mottos in life, which are #Justdoit and  #NeverGiveUp. No matter what you are going through at this current time, she knows that these words can be the inspiration you need to keep going on the tougher days. She has found encouragement in these mottos, which help her to know why she wakes up every morning to follow her dreams. Another huge inspiration in her life is her teenage daughter, who has various additional needs and offers Lidia the motivation to help others in a similar situation to her.

How Can Lidia Help You?

Personal development is something that many of us could benefit from at any stage in our lives, and Lidia is a passionate believer in this. She offers holistic fitness and coaching and wants to help and support you on your journey. She knows that we all have dreams that we are hoping to achieve, and she’ll be here to support you on your journey. Whether you have health and fitness goals or are struggling to lose weight or get healthier, she will work with you to help you break those bad habits and live a more meaningful life. She regularly works with people who are struggling with addictions and will equip you with the tools you need to break habits and feel more content in your life.

Holistic fitness and coaching look at fitness as more than just your physical fitness. It looks at mental and emotional fitness as well, and Lidia believes these three areas are all closely connected. When one area of your life is struggling, you’ll find that the others aren’t where you’d like them to be too. Lidia will work with you to address anything that’s on your mind and might be stopping you from reaching your goals and hopes you’ll become a happier and healthier person because of this.

Nutrition and Exercise

When it comes to working towards your fitness goals and striving to live a healthier life, Lidia knows that exercise is only one part of the equation. She’ll be here to support you as a nutritional advisor and will encourage you to look at your diet in order to get the results you are aiming for. Even if you spend hours in the gym, you’ll find that without looking at what you eat, you are wasting your time and energy. She always recommends looking at your nutrition and fitness at the same time, as they work together to help you get back on track. With her qualifications in both of these areas, she is the perfect match for anyone looking to overhaul their life.

By offering your body healthy and balanced meals, you’ll give your body and mind the energy it needs to function each day to its full capability. Having experienced challenges in the past with finding balance, Lidia is the perfect guide to help you regain control in your life and find balance once again with your diet. Instead of just focusing on the exercise part of transforming your life like some personal trainers, she’ll ensure that you take a more mindful and well-rounded approach to your fitness programme and the changes you are trying to make to your lifestyle.

Food made by Lidia Peto, the inspiration behind this personal trainer story.

Work With Lidia Peto

Are you ready to regain control of your life? Wherever you are currently on your fitness journey, Lidia would love to learn about the difficulties you are facing and work with you to overcome these issues. As you can see, Lidia has overcome many challenges herself during her life but is now putting her past to use by working with other people who may be facing similar setbacks. For more information about Lidia’s services, check out her profile on today.

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