The Best Places for Personal Training in Greenwich

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A park in Greenwich.

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The Best Personal Training Locations in Greenwich

With so many great outdoor workout locations to choose from, why not take your training sessions outdoors this year in Greenwich? We’ve searched and tested a whole host of locations throughout the borough to compile our list of the top five places to meet your personal trainer in Greenwich. Starting with the smallest location first, and working up to the largest open spaces in the area, these are our top places to train in Greenwich.

1. Bostall Gardens

With a well-equipped gym Bostall Gardens is a great place to meet your personal trainer in Greenwich.

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At 2.7 acres, this is one of the smallest parks in the area, but it still offers visitors outdoor gym equipment and plenty of space to work out. The outdoor gym features a cross trainer, pull-up station, chest press, and leg press. (Here's a list of free outdoor gyms in the area.) The gardens have a basketball court, a children’s playground, and a hard tennis court, so they offer plenty of opportunities for kids and adults to play and exercise. Having been here since the 1930s, the gardens are a beautiful spot to get stuck into your workout routine with your personal trainer in Greenwich.

Nearest station: Abbey Wood train station is a 10-minute walk away from the gardens (to the north).

Local trainers: Personal trainers near Bostall Gardens (Rochdale Road)

Tip: Some trainers will happily agree to provide your first session for free. 

This will give you an opportunity to get to know each other before committing to working together on your fitness journey. For instance, you'll be able to find out how many years of experience they have, which are their most popular services, and whether they'll be able to provide you with a fitness plan that fits your specific needs. At the same time, it's a good chance for the trainer to learn about your fitness aspirations and specific goals, your current fitness routine, and any particular health issues you might have. 

Expert trainers are often pleased to provide a free initial meeting as it gives them an opportunity to demonstrate that they'll really be able to help you live a healthy lifestyle and reach your personal goals, such as by sharing with you their clients'  incredible transformations, namedropping professional athletes they've work with, or detailing how their nutrition plans could help you to get into the best shape of your life. 

2. Sutcliffe Park

Take advantage of the athletics track in Sutcliffe Park by meeting there with your personal trainer in Greenwich.

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At about forty acres, this large park also includes a local nature reserve on its site. It’s the ideal spot to meet your personal trainer in Greenwich, and the athletics track and outdoor gym are perfect for your training sessions. You’ll enjoy one of the widest selections of equipment here, including an exercise bike, cross trainer, chest press, and push station.

Nearest station: Kidbrooke (to the north) and Lee (to the west) railway stations are your nearest options.

Local trainers: Personal trainers near Sutcliffe Park (Eltham Road)

Tip: Most trainers on share their qualifications on their profiles. 

If you're after a particular type of support, check out each trainer's qualifications to see whether they're suitable. For example, if you're looking for a strength and conditioning trainer in Greenwich, check to see whether they're a certified strength coach, whereas if you're after a Greenwich PT who can assist with sports injuries, you could see whether they're certified as a physical therapist. As well as basic personal trainer qualifications, many fitness pros on the site have university degrees in subjects like exercise physiology. 

Therefore, they may be able to provide you with expert guidance and information relating to the theories and research on which their exercise and nutrition plans are based. 

3. Avery Hill Park

Work out with your personal trainer in Greenwich before enjoying the gardens of Avery Park Hill.

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Located on 86 acres of land, this is one of Greenwich’s Green Flag parks. It’s home to many stunning gardens, which offer a pleasant spot to relax and sit down after a challenging workout. There’s an outdoor gym here with resistance machines, which was installed as part of the Olympic legacy, as well as a games area and table tennis tables. The gym equipment includes a lateral pull-down machine and a sit-up station. It’s an ideal spot to meet your personal trainer in Greenwich to run or take part in a boot camp. If you're feeling the need to appease your competitive desires, you could even participate in the parkrun that's held in Avery Hill Park each Saturday. 

Nearest station: Falconwood (to the north) or New Eltham (to the south) overground stations are the nearest stops to the park.

Local trainers: Personal trainers near Avery Hill Park (Bexley Road)

4. Greenwich Park

For amazing views, meet with your personal trainer in Greenwich Park.

At 183 acres, Greenwich Park offers a spacious area to exercise in the borough. It’s the oldest Royal Park, which is enclosed and home to a small herd of deer. You can enjoy incredible views from here, down to the River Thames and beyond. This is the ideal spot for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and running, with plenty of open spaces and paths to choose from.

Nearest station: Maze Hill (to the east) and Greenwich (to the west) stations are the closest to the entrance of the park.

Local trainers: Personal trainers near Greenwich Park

5. Bostall Heath and Woods

Meet with your personal trainer in Greenwich's Bostall Heath and Woods for some fresh air.

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With a wide variety of equipment to choose from in the outdoor gym, this is one of the best locations to train with your personal trainer in Greenwich. Choose from a cross trainer, sit-up station, leg press, and chest press here, all of which are of high quality and well-maintained. With 159 hectares of space, this is one of the largest areas in the region and is ideal for running and walking.

Nearest station: The nearest station is Abbey Wood railway station (to the north).

Local trainers: Personal trainers near Bostall Heath and Woods (Bostall Hill)

Gyms near Greenwich

If you'd prefer to train in a gym than in one of the outdoor spaces listed above, you can find gyms near Greenwich here

For example, Nuffield Health's Baltimore Wharf gym is known for its supportive environment and catering to individuals of all fitness levels. They also have yoga classes for all ability levels, which could be a good option for those looking to address their high blood pressure (1). 

What’s next?

With all of these beautiful spaces to choose from, I’m sure you’re itching to start training outdoors this year. Get in touch with one of these top personal trainers in Greenwich today, and you’ll be able to start working out in one of these outdoor spaces in no time at all. By finding a great trainer, you'll not only learn new ways of nurturing a strong and healthy body, but you'll also gain confidence and self-respect by taking on new challenges on a weekly basis and by prioritising your individual needs. 


1. Okonta, Nkechi Rose MSN, RN. Does Yoga Therapy Reduce Blood Pressure in Patients With Hypertension?: An Integrative Review. Holistic Nursing Practice 26(3):p 137-141, May/June 2012. | DOI: 10.1097/HNP.0b013e31824ef647