Trudi Bessant personal trainer

Trudi Bessant

Wayland Avenue, Brighton, Brighton and Hove
Water Aerobics, Cycling


Now in my late 50s, I am aware that keeping fit and healthy is so important for a happy, long and active life. Running was my big passion but now I know that high impact programmes just are not good on joints, bones and muscles as we get older. I moved onto cycling which along with walking, swimming and water based exercise is so much kinder to the joints. For some years now I have been cycling off and on road and recently completed a couple of endurance trips one of 1000 miles and one of 2000 miles. You really do not have to do anything this crazy!

I’m sure you, like me, appreciate the importance of exercise but protecting our bodies at the same time is obviously of paramount importance – this idea led me naturally to aqua fit. Water based exercise is perfect for older adults, ante/post natal ladies, and those with joint, bone or muscular issues. For me it came as a no-brainer. I love exercising but I am now intent on protecting my joints, bones and muscles against the damage caused by impact fitness. I am now an aqua instructor and run aqua fit classes helping us all to USE IT NOT LOSE IT.


  • Aqua Instructor Level 2
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Gym Instructor Qualification
  • Nutrition Qualification
  • Padwork Qualification
  • High Intensity Interval Training Qualification
  • Suspension Qualification
  • Fitness Testing Qualification

Languages spoken


Pricing and Special Offers

1-to-1 sessions are £20 for 30 minutes and £30 for 45 minutes.


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