Personal Trainers in Chatham

Where to Train With a Personal Trainer in Chatham

With river views and some great outdoor spaces, there are lots of places to meet up with a personal trainer in Chatham as well as surrounding Kent. Whether it’s runs by the Medway or HIIT workouts in Jackson’s Field, one of the qualified personal trainers in Chatham below will be happy to help. When it’s cold out, how about having sessions online, at your nearest Chatham gym, or at home?

How to Find a Personal Trainer in Chatham

Have a go with the filters below to find a personal trainer in Chatham that has what you’re looking for when it comes to prices, potential training locations, and specific skills, then send them a quick hello through the form on their profile to find out how they can assist you with reaching your health and fitness objectives. 

A personal trainer in Chatham.

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  • Lewis Timson personal trainer

    Lewis Timson

    From £40 per session

    Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Functional Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Group Training, Kettlebells, Kickboxing-Based Fitness, Nutrition, Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), Strength and Conditioning


  • Aj Sodhi personal trainer

    Aj Sodhi

    From £50 per session

    Muscle Development, Fat Loss, Sport-Specific Training, Strength and Conditioning

    0.95 miles from Chatham

  • David Luck personal trainer

    David Luck

    From £80 per session

    1.06 miles from Chatham

  • Francis Moriarty personal trainer

    Francis Moriarty

    From £30 per session

    Kickboxing, Boxing, Marathons

    2.06 miles from Chatham

  • Max Oldfield personal trainer

    Max Oldfield

    From £40 per session

    Circuit Training, Kettlebells, Weight Training, Compound Movements, Cardiovascular Fitness, Core Conditioning, Functional Training, TRX (Suspension Training)

    2.12 miles from Chatham

  • Tony Cottenden personal trainer

    Tony Cottenden

    From £34 per session

    Weight Loss, Resistance Training, Nutrition

    2.86 miles from Chatham

  • Victor Mortimer personal trainer

    Victor Mortimer

    From £40 per session

    Running, Calisthenics, Outdoor Training, Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Loss, Weight Management

    6.31 miles from Chatham

  • Funmi Olatoye personal trainer

    Funmi Olatoye

    From £35 per session

    Circuit Training, Weight Training, Fat Loss, Padwork, Prenatal and Postnatal Training, Nutrition

    6.59 miles from Chatham

  • Josie Donovan personal trainer

    Josie Donovan

    From £40 per session

    Fat Loss, Toning, Nutrition, Flexibility, Kettlebells, Body Transformations, Nutrition, Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Core Conditioning, Older Adults

    West Malling
    7.46 miles from Chatham

  • Rosaria Barreto personal trainer

    Rosaria Barreto

    From £60 per session

    Clinical Exercise, Arthritis, Hypertension, Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, Sports Massage, GP Exercise Referral, Back Pain Management

    Maidstone, Kent
    7.65 miles from Chatham

  • Jack Stephens personal trainer

    Jack Stephens

    From £30 per session

    Fat Loss, Running, Sport-Specific Training, Toning, Mobility, Movement, Core Conditioning, Fitness, Strength

    West Malling
    7.7 miles from Chatham

  • Lynne Champion personal trainer

    Lynne Champion

    From £26.5 per session

    Functional Training, Core Conditioning, Weight Loss, Strength Training/Conditioning, Fitness 50+/Seniors, Nutrition & Weight Management

    Gravesend, Kent
    7.77 miles from Chatham