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Emma Jane Taylor
Nutrition & Weight Management, Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, CBT, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Behaviour Change, Beach Bodies, Body Confidence, Body Sculpting, Anxiety Management, Mentoring


I have been in the well-being industry for over 25 years, and am fairly addicted to feeling good, strong and healthy. As an (ex-) professional dancer (now Director of StageWorks Performing Arts School), I understood quickly the importance of balancing foods/energy balance and the importance of hydration, rest, stretching, strength training, cardio and of being in optimum health and condition. I have many qualifications that enhance my role and knowledge in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, nutrition/weight management consultant, and also as a mentor.

I use my qualifications, skills, passions and life-experiences to offer a bespoke training plan for my clients, and continue to grow in the well-being field from listening and learning to other experts; I appreciate that having knowledge is key to all of our successes in life, regardless of where we are at and we should never stop learning or get complacent.

Our bodies are incredible pieces of equipment, they work efficiently. But, when we fuel them with the finest fuels, and I mean that in every sense, then we will gain benefits we didn't know we had; physically, mentally and emotionally. I created a formula; Living Your Best Life TM to bring strength; mentally, emotionally and physically. My work in this area regularly incorporates my own passions; exercise, wellbeing, nature, the ocean/ river, the world and health.

I gained many years of experience in the well-being arena, and because of working with Linda Moseley (my first boss/ mentor), leading me to work with many high-profile clients. My background as a professional dancer has meant I have literally lived & breathed fitness/well-being since I could walk. I discovered my passion for well-being through many years of soul searching, I speak regularly about my personal journey through childhood trauma/adversity to success; how I recovered from the difficulties I faced from addictions to eating disorders and how therapy supported my growth.

Did you know....

- I support trainee fitness trainers through their qualifications as well as training them on ‘how to motivate their clients and how to set up their business’, once qualified.

- I work with clients all over the world, offering regular meetings, calls, homework, bespoke planning, and monitoring to support my clients needs, and to help them think outside of the box with how they focus their mindset to be in optimum health.

My clients are all over the world, thanks to zoom! I like to offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation to anyone who wants to hear how wonderfully important well-being is to their life, and of course to share with anyone who wants to listen how wonderful NutritiousWorks is!

For more information on my own work, reviews, campaigning and charity you can find me here >>>

Look forward to hearing from you,


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  • Future Fit - Personal Trainer Diploma/ L3/ ACSM certified
  • Beachbody - Insanity Instructor Training Workshop
  • Certificate in Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention
  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition & Weight Management consultant
  • NLP Masters Practitioner
  • Functional Equipment Training
  • Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3 - R0098602
  • ETM L2
  • L2 Fitness Instuctor

Languages spoken


Pricing and Special Offers

*Pricing will also depend on location/ frequency/ time and type of package required.

Emma-Jane is the Founder of NutritiousWorks Ltd (Fitness and Dance co for adults), for more information please visit nutritiousworks.com


NRPT (029494)

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Gym, Studio, Home, Workplace, Outdoors, Online

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