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Chris Roper

Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Boxing-Based Fitness, Circuit Training, Functional Training, GP Exercise Referral, Nutrition, Obesity


In May 2016 I was admitted to hospital with a severe illness and was induced in to a coma. I spent just over 2 weeks in intensive care and a further 3 weeks on the high dependency unit recovering. I was then discharged for a further 2 months of bed rest, which gave me a lot of time for reflection. I had lost a lot of weight and muscle mass and found it difficult to even walk 100 yards.

​I needed to get fit, healthy & strong for my family and children so I invested in some basic gym equipment: exercise bike, treadmill, basic weight set, resistance bands, etc. and started to train myself back to fitness. Once I had started to see improvement I was quickly running out of space so took to 2 wheels and started cycling and joined PureGym.

​I was now starting to spend most of my week in the gym and was starting to see some serious results. It was apparent that I could use my motivation to help others achieve their goals, so after hearing about how I could become a personal trainer it was an easy decision to make. The next move in my life was to become a personal trainer and help others overcome obstacles in their own life, health & fitness.

Locations: M4, Enterprise 5 Retail Park, Bradford Rd, Bradford BD10 8EG


  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 3 GP Referral
  • Level 4 Specialist Exercise (Nutrition & Obesity)

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Pricing and Special Offers

4-week programme: £75

8-week programme: £125

12-week programme: £175


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