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A personal trainer in Oxford

How much does a personal trainer cost in Oxford? In this article, we’ll explore the diverse landscape of personal training in Oxford and will provide valuable information on the cost of hiring a personal trainer. 

Whether you prefer a male or female personal trainer or require expertise in a specific area, we’ve got you covered with a curated list of personal trainers in Oxford. 

We’ll also reveal some exciting outdoor and indoor locations where you can meet with your personal trainer for invigorating workouts. 

Personal Trainers in Oxford

If you’re not looking for any particular type of personal trainer and would like to keep your options open, check out this general list of personal trainers in Oxford

Male and female personal trainers in Oxford

If you’d prefer to work with a personal trainer of a certain gender, check out one of these links: 

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How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer in Oxford?

Typically, personal trainer fees in Oxford are between £30 and £55, with the average cost-per-session being about £42. 

If you’d prefer not to spend too much at this time, you might be interested in one of these more affordable personal trainers in Oxford, who all charge between £25 and £35. 

If you’re interested in how rates in Oxford compare with elsewhere, check out this article on the costs of personal training across different gyms and between counties

Types of personal training in Oxford

Regardless of whether you’re trying to loose fat, build muscle, learn a skill, or something else, there’s a personal trainer in Oxford with the expertise you need. Here are some of the areas in which local personal trainers specialise:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Try head to this general list of PTs in Oxford and then use the Speciality filter to look for fitness pros that have the expertise you require. 

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Where to meet with a personal trainer in Oxford

In Oxford, there’s no shortage of outdoor locations to meet with a personal trainer and take fitness sessions in the great outdoors. 

Alongside the outdoor gyms in South ParkHorspath Road Recreation Ground, and Upper Field, there are several other notable spots that offer ideal settings for outdoor workouts. Heading to University ParksShotover Country Park, or Port Meadow, for example, would allow you to embrace nature’s beauty while engaging in invigorating training sessions.

If you’d prefer to train inside, lots of the UK’s big gym chains are also represented in Oxford. Below, you’ll find links to gyms in the area by PureGym, The Gym Group, David Lloyd, and Anytime Fitness, along with ratings out of 5 on Google as of 2023.


PureGym Oxford Templars Square (4.2) 

PureGym Oxford Central (4.2) 

The Gym Group:

Oxford Headington (4.5)

David Lloyd Clubs:

David Lloyd Oxford (3.8)

Anytime Fitness:

Anytime Fitness Oxford (3.7) 

Buzz Gym:

Buzz Gym Oxford (4.3) (Currently the training facility used by Tribe Oxford)

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If you’re looking for somewhere a little more unique, you might be interested in one of these independent gyms in Oxford (Google ratings in parentheses): 

The Athlete Centre (5.0) – Their mission is to guide members on a journey to unleash their potential, tailoring workouts to individual abilities and ensuring consistent progress, and creating an environment where anyone can train like a pro athlete.

Feel Fit Gym (4.4) – They aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all fitness levels. With a wide range of equipment and expert trainers, they strive to help members achieve their fitness goals effectively and enjoyably.

Final words on personal training in Oxford

We hope the above will have given you some valuable insights into personal training in Oxford. 

If you’re still wondering, “how can I find a personal trainer near me?”, try head to our homepage, then enter your location into the search box. If you don’t necessarily need to find a personal trainer in the city centre, you might be interested in this list of personal trainers in Oxfordshire

Still not sure if it’s worth getting a personal trainer? You might like to read this article on reasons to hire a personal trainer