The Best Places for Personal Training in Fulham

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There are loads of great places to meet your personal trainer in Fulham

Before getting into the locations, If you want to find a personal trainer, check out our list of fitness professionals in Fulham.

If you're looking for a specific type of personal training, you can use the "Specialty" menu that appears above all of the lists of trainers on our site. For instance, you could use the menu to find fitness professionals in Fulham who offer weight loss training or who specialise in weight gain, muscle gain, martial arts, life coaching, sports performance, stress management, or overall fitness

Similarly, if you're looking for personal training sessions in a specific location, you can use the "Training location" menu to find a local outdoor personal trainer (e.g., one who can meet you in a local park), trainers who work in a local gym, or those who offer mobile personal training (e.g., who can meet you in the comfort of your home). 

Five Places to Meet Your Personal Trainer in Fulham Outdoors

Hammersmith and Fulham offers some incredible options for working out outdoors. The borough has over forty different parks and open spaces to choose from, so you can enjoy training in a different spot each week! Today we’re going to share with you our top five places to meet your personal trainer in Fulham, listed in ascending size order. 

Below, you'll also find links to Fulham personal trainers that are based near these spaces as well as tips about how to find a personal trainer that will provide you with an amazing experience and will enable you to reach your full potential. 

1. Normand Park

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Set on just over five acres of land, this park features plenty of facilities within this space. You’ll enjoy an outdoor gym with a variety of equipment, including monkey bars and pull-up bars, so it’s an ideal spot for meeting your personal trainer in Fulham for strength training. As well as that, there’s also table tennis, a five-a-side court, a bowling green, a BMX and skate area, and the Fulham Pools. It’s open from 7:30 am each day, so it is great for an early morning workout with your personal trainer.

Nearest Station: West Brompton (to the east) and West Kensington (to the north)

Local Trainers: Personal trainers near Normand Park

Money-Saving Tips: Unsurprisingly, personal training prices in London are among the highest in the UK, with most trainers charging between £40 and £85 per session. 

1. One way of working towards your fitness goals while not spending too much is to train with others (e.g., some friends or a partner). If you're interested in this you could reach out to a local professional trainer that offers group fitness sessions or a personal trainer that leads fitness classes. 

2. Also, some personal trainers are pleased to offer a free initial consultation in which you can share your current fitness level and specific goals (e.g., you might want to lose body fat), and they can give you an idea of how they might design a training programme for you that takes into account your goals as well as your busy schedule. 

3. If your initial consultation goes well, you could consider buying a block of personal training sessions, as this usually works out cheaper than paying for a single session at a time. 

2. Wormholt Park

The meadows of Wormholt Park mean it's an idyllic place to meet your personal trainer in Fulham.

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Located on 8 acres of land, Wormholt Park is a lovely Green Flag park with wide open paths and plenty of space to work out. There’s a multi-use games area, table tennis facilities, and playgrounds for children. You’ll appreciate the beautiful wildflower meadows and the flowers and trees in this park, which will make meeting your personal trainer in Fulham here a pleasure.

Nearest Station: White City and Wood Lane stations are both ten minutes by foot from the park (to the east).

Local Trainers: Personal trainers near Wormholt Park (Bryony Road)

Tip: If you're looking for expert nutritional advice, check out these local personal trainers that specialise in nutrition. Besides helping you get into the best shape of your life, healthier eating can help improve your overall health by addressing issues like high blood pressure (1). 

3. Shepherd’s Bush Common

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This eight-acre triangular green is located just off Shepherd’s Bush and provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the local shopping area. There is a wide path through the centre of the common, which is ideal for cycling and walking. While it doesn’t offer any specific workout equipment, there’s plenty of space to enjoy HIIT workouts with your personal trainer in Fulham.

Nearest Station: The common is located between Shepherd’s Bush Market and Shepherd’s Bush stations.

Local Trainers: Personal trainers near Shepherd's Bush Green

Tip: Many trainers on our site will include testimonials from other clients on their profile. 

To ensure you get the best results from personal training, try to find a trainer whose testimonials suggest that they will support you every step of the way as you embark on your new routine. Often, the most important thing for success when trying to make a positive change is not necessarily having a perfect plan, but receiving encouragement and support from someone. 

If you find the right trainer, you'll not only be motivated to train in their company but will also want to stick to positive habits during the rest of the week so that you can share with them your progress each time you meet. 

4. Ravenscourt Park

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This 21-acre public park and garden is one of the best spots to meet your personal trainer in Fulham. It holds a Green Flag award and is considered to be one of the flagship parks in the borough. It’s ideal for a boot camp-style training session or running, and there are plenty of sports courts available for anyone looking to meet their friends for a game. After your workout, head to the garden centre and cafe to relax and enjoy a refreshment after all of your hard work.

Nearest Station: Ravenscourt Park and Stamford Brook (District line)

Local Trainers: Personal trainers near Ravenscourt Park (Paddenswick Road)

Tip: Read the bios that appear on our trainers' profiles to help you find the best personal trainer to accompany you on your fitness journey.

These will usually give you an indication of how many years of experience the trainer has and of the types of fitness programmes they specialise in. 

You'll also find a contact form on every profile so that you can get in touch with any trainers to ask them about what the first steps might be, how they would help you set achievable goals, and what the main focus of your training might be in light of your goals (e.g., resistance training vs. cardio). 

5. Wormwood Scrubs

With wide open spaces, Wormwood Scrubs is a great place to meet your personal trainer in Fulham.

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Wormwood Scrubs is the largest space to work out with your personal trainer in Fulham and is also one of the largest commons in the whole of London. At 200 acres, you won’t be short of space here, and it’s ideal for runners and circuit training. The outdoor gym here offers a variety of different equipment, including a gym-style pull station. You’ll also find the Linford Christie Outdoor Sports Centre within the area, with a wide selection of sports pitches and an athletics track.

Nearest Station: East Acton (Central line) is a 5–10-minute walk from the entrance.

Local Trainers: Personal trainers near Wormwood Scrubs (N Pole Road)

Tip: If you're looking to undertake a body transformation in preparation for summer or for the "big day", reach out to one of these PTs in Fulham that specialise in body transformations. If you're looking for someone who can support you with your overall well-being, why not get in touch with one of these fitness professionals in Fulham who take a holistic approach to training? 

Other Outdoor Training Locations

If none of the above options seems quite right, you could reach out to personal trainers near other outdoor spaces in the area:

If you're not set on staying in the Fulham area and are open to training in other parts of south west London, you could check out our articles on finding personal trainers in Richmond and on places to train near Richmond. If you like the idea of training in the hustle and bustle of the city, you could get in touch with one of these personal trainers in central London

Gyms Near Fulham

If you'd prefer to train in a gym rather than in one of the outdoor spaces listed above, you can find gyms near Fulham here

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve learnt about all of the fantastic open spaces in the area, contact one of these personal trainers in Fulham to arrange your first outdoor workout today. Whether you're looking for a trainer to help you prepare for an Ironman Triathlon or someone who will just give you a simple fitness plan to help you live a healthy lifestyle, finding your own personal trainer can make a huge difference not only to your health but also to your confidence and overall sense of well-being. 

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