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Welcome to our ultimate guide to personal training in the vibrant London borough of Wandsworth! Here, you’ll find links to male and female personal trainers in Wandsworth, each offering specialised expertise to suit your fitness needs. You’ll also discover inspiring local indoor and outdoor training locations and we’ll answer the question, “What is the average price of a personal trainer in Wandsworth?” Additionally, you’ll find links to trainers in specific towns including BalhamBatterseaEarlsfieldPutneyRoehampton, and Southfields

Personal Trainers in Wandsworth

If you’re not seeking a specific type of fitness pro and want to explore your options, this comprehensive list of trainers in Wandsworth is worth exploring.

Male and female personal trainers in Wandsworth

If you’d prefer working with a PT of a certain gender, these links will guide you to potential matches:

What is the usual price of a personal trainer in Wandsworth?

Typically, fitness professionals in Wandsworth offer their services at prices ranging from £20 to £90 per session, and the average cost is approximately £52. For those looking to stay within a budget, there are more affordable options available among these Wandsworth trainers, with rates ranging from £20 to £40 per session. If you’re curious about how Wandsworth rates compare to other areas, you can find a detailed analysis in this article on personal training costs across London’s boroughs. If you’re interested in how much it costs to have a personal trainer in London compared to elsewhere, this article explores personal trainer prices across the UK. To find out more about how much personal trainers cost in the UK, you could check out this article on the costs of personal training across England’s counties

Personal trainers in Wandsworth

Where to meet with a personal trainer in Wandsworth

There are some amazing locations for outdoor training in Wandsworth. The borough features outdoor gyms in The PleasanceWandsworth CommonClapham CommonLatchmere Recreation Ground, and Battersea Park, as well as near Roehampton Lane. Additionally, you could consider meeting with a personal trainer at the Tooting Bec Common, a spacious and versatile outdoor area perfect for tailored fitness sessions. The Thames Path along the River Thames also offers scenic views and open spaces for outdoor workouts. Lastly, the picturesque King George’s Park near Southside Shopping Centre is another great spot for personal training sessions in Wandsworth. 

If you’d prefer to train inside, you could consider one of these chain gyms in Wandsworth (Google ratings out of 5 in parentheses): 

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Balham (4.4)

Énergie Fitness

Énergie Fitness Battersea (4.0)

Énergie Fitness Putney (4.4)

F45 Training

F45 Training Battersea Park (4.8)

F45 Training Tooting (4.9)

Fitness First

Fitness First Balham (4.4)

Fitness First Clapham (4.3)

Fitness First Clapham Junction Station (4.2)

Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health Battersea (3.0)

Nuffield Health Wandsworth (3.5)

You can find Nuffield Wandsworth’s timetable here. Regarding Nuffield health personal trainer costs, they typically charge about £30 per session. You can find Nuffield Health Wandsworth reviews here. If you’re interested in Nuffield Health’s Personal Best Programme, which is designed to enhance your overall health by improving diet, sleep, and physical activity, you can find out more here


PureGym Wandsworth (4.0)

The Gym Group

The Gym Group Battersea (4.4)

The Gym Group Southfields (4.4)

The Gym Group Tooting (4.2)

The Gym Group Wandsworth (4.2)

Virgin Active

Virgin Active Wandsworth (3.5)

A personal trainer at a gym in Wandsworth

If you’d prefer something a little less mainstream, you could check out one of these top-rated independent gyms in Wandsworth (Google ratings out of 5 in parentheses):

Beattitude Fitness (4.9) – They understand that joining a new fitness club can be intimidating, regardless of your experience level. The Beattitude tribe consists of supportive women from various fitness backgrounds and life stages, offering a powerful network of encouragement. This community helps boost motivation, focus, and confidence while addressing the unique fitness needs and hormonal changes women experience throughout their lives. 

Me Time Fitness Club (5.0) – They focus on assisting individuals aged 40 and over, offering specialised fitness programmes for both men and women. Located in a quiet yet central area in Putney, their private, members-only facility provides age-specific programmes aimed at enhancing strength, mobility, and fitness in a relaxed and non-intimidating environment.

StarsGym Battersea (4.5) – Their gym is divided into a range of zones, including a Strength & Conditioning Zone, a Resistance Zone, a Functional Zone, a Combat Zone (e.g., boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ), a Cardiovascular Zone, as well as a Studio for classes focusing on balance, flexibility, and core strength. 

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? Consider checking out this list of gyms in Wandsworth

Types of personal trainers in Wandsworth

Wandsworth is home to a multitude of fitness pros, ready to help you achieve your fitness objectives, be it fat loss, muscle gain, skill improvement, or anything else: Bodybuilding personal training in Wandsworth

Personal Trainers in Balham

Balham offers fantastic outdoor training spots for personal fitness sessions. Tooting Common, a sprawling green space, boasts scenic trails and open areas perfect for various workouts, while, nearby, Wandsworth Common features an outdoor gym with workout stations for strength training. If you prefer to exercise inside, you could take a look at one of these gyms in Balham

A park in Balham

Male and female personal trainers in Balham

Types of personal training in Balham

Personal Trainers in Battersea

Battersea Park, nestled along the Thames, offers a picturesque backdrop for outdoor personal training sessions. Its expansive green spaces, scenic walking paths, and outdoor fitness equipment make it a versatile choice. Meanwhile, Wandsworth Common, with its serene ponds and tree-lined paths, provides a tranquil environment for outdoor workouts, creating a peaceful escape from the urban bustle. If you’d rather work out indoors, you might want to consider one of these fitness centres in Battersea.

A park in Battersea

Male and female personal trainers in Battersea

Types of personal training in Battersea

Personal Trainers in Earlsfield

King George’s Park in Earlsfield is a popular choice for outdoor training sessions. It boasts open fields, a variety of exercise equipment, and scenic paths for cardio workouts. Just a short distance away, Wandsworth Park offers a picturesque riverside setting with walking trails and ample space for outdoor fitness sessions. If indoor exercise is your preference, you may want to explore one of these gyms in Earlsfield.

A park in Earlsfield

Male and female personal trainers in Earlsfield

Types of personal training in Earlsfield

Personal Trainers in Putney

In Putney, you can meet with a personal trainer at Leaders Gardens, a peaceful riverside spot with scenic views and open space for effective workouts. Just a short walk away, Putney Lower Common offers a vast area perfect for outdoor fitness sessions, including running, bodyweight exercises, and yoga. For those who favour working out indoors, there are several gyms in Putney worth considering.

A park in Putney

Male and female personal trainers in Putney

Types of personal training in Putney

Personal Trainers in Roehampton

In Roehampton, you can connect with a personal trainer outdoors in beautiful Richmond Park, a vast and serene green space perfect for a variety of fitness activities, from jogging and circuit training to yoga. Alternatively, Barnes Common, with its open fields and walking paths, offers a tranquil setting for outdoor workout sessions. If you’re inclined to exercise indoors, you can investigate these gyms in Roehampton.

A park near Roehampton

Male and female personal trainers in Roehampton

Types of personal training in Roehampton

Personal Trainers in Southfields

Southfields offers great outdoor training optionsWimbledon Park, known for its scenic lake and spacious fields, is an excellent spot for fitness activities like running, boot camps, or yoga sessions. Alternatively, King George’s Park boasts well-maintained paths and sports facilities, providing an inviting location for personal training sessions in the heart of Southfields. If you’re more comfortable with indoor workouts, explore these gyms in Southfields.

A park in Southfields

Male and female personal trainers in Southfields

Types of personal training in Southfields

Final words on personal training in Wandsworth

Hopefully, this article will have given you some insights into one-on-one personal training in Wandsworth. If you still haven’t found a PT in your part of the borough, try head to our homepage and enter your location into the search box to find personal trainers near you. For example, you could do this to locate personal trainers in Wandsworth Townpersonal trainers near Wandsworth Park, or personal trainers near Wandsworth Common