Alison Graham personal trainer

Alison Graham

Feeling Fantastic Over Forty
Stroud Green
Fat Loss, Older Adults


If you’re hesitant about changing your lifestyle and getting into fitness, then I know where you’re coming from! I haven’t always been into fitness and a healthy lifestyle – far from it! I developed asthma as a child and struggled to participate in sports due to breathing difficulties. I enjoyed swimming, javelin throwing and horse riding (even though my allergies flared up around horses).

University beckoned, and my attention became focused on (in no particular order) going out, cigarettes, boys, hedonism, alcohol, London, men, unhealthy food. 

My unhealthy lifestyle continued until I was 37, until I decided enough was enough. I decided to give up smoking, joined a gym, and reduced my alcohol intake. I was surprised to discover I enjoyed my new lifestyle, I met new like-minded people looking to change their lives too, and discovered a passion for running (my asthma is under control now).

It took a little while to create better habits but it was worth it. I started to feel much happier and sexier in my body, and my confidence soared! I stuck with running and have since completed three London Marathons. I never would have dreamed that I would be able to achieve that!

These achievements inspired me to get into personal training, and after a couple of years in business I realised that I love working with professional, busy women over forty, who want to feel fantastic and live their lives to the full and Feeling Fantastic Over Forty was born!

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