Phill Jones personal trainer

Phill Jones

Fast Fitness
Southbourne, Bournemouth
Rugby, Sports Therapy, Fitness, Weight Loss


Have you ever had the feeling you're stuck on the same old treadmill? Groundhog day.

Accountability is key to reaching and maintaining your performance, fitness and weight-loss goals.

Taking action is key to your success but also pair it up with being consistent. You then have a winning combination to take a step forward to where you actually want to be.

You may know what you should be eating but is your current lifestyle actually bringing you closer to what you want to achieve? It is not as simple just looking at your training and food; you must consider your home and work environments, stress and sleep patterns. Stopping sleepless nights is crucial for recovery.

Train smart, but always recover smarter.

One of my goals is to share what I have learnt over the years but also to share with you what I’m currently learning today. Educating ourselves, pushing ourselves to achieve a new skill or a new goal and continuous learning is a great thing to do.

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