Personal Trainers in Northwich

With plenty of parks, there are loads of great options when it comes to getting together for a session with a personal trainer in Northwich. Perhaps you’d like a cardio session in Verdin Park or a weight loss circuit workout in Furey Woodland? If you’re more into training indoors, one of the PTs in Northwich below will be happy to come meet you at home, at your local gym, or online. Mess around with the filters below to find that personal trainer in Northwich that’s just right for you, then send them a message through the form on their profile to start discussing how they can help you get into the best shape of your life. 

A personal trainer in Northwich.

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  • Kelly Chadwick personal trainer

    Kelly Chadwick

    From £30 per session

    Plyometrics, Toning, Fat Loss, Cardiovascular Fitness, Core Conditioning, Speed and Agility, Sport-Specific Training, Strength and Conditioning

    9.42 miles from Northwich

  • Jessica O'connor personal trainer

    Jessica O'connor

    From £25 per session

    Strength, Fat Loss, Toning, Sport-Specific Training, Fitness, Rehabilitation

    9.65 miles from Northwich

  • Oliver James personal trainer

    Oliver James

    From £50 per session

    Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Lacrosse, Rugby

    9.65 miles from Northwich

  • Craig Fitzsimons personal trainer

    Craig Fitzsimons

    From £40 per session

    Fat Loss, Body Confidence, Toning, Body Recomposition

    10.04 miles from Northwich

  • Liam Duffy personal trainer

    Liam Duffy

    From £35 per session

    Fat Loss, Weight Management, Sport-Specific Training

    10.24 miles from Northwich

  • Warren Howell personal trainer

    Warren Howell

    From £15 per session

    Nutrition, Boxing-Based Fitness, Disabilities, Strength and Conditioning

    10.29 miles from Northwich

  • Ryan Spencer personal trainer

    Ryan Spencer

    From £30 per session

    Functional Training, CrossFit, Sports Massage, Strength and Conditioning

    11.14 miles from Northwich

  • Kit Wong personal trainer

    Kit Wong

    From £35 per session

    Nutrition & Weight Management, Core Conditioning, Life Coaching, Special Populations, Weight Loss, Circuit Training, Fitness 50+/Seniors, Group Fitness, Functional Training, Group Training, Posture

    Widnes, Halton
    11.38 miles from Northwich

  • Marta Beacom personal trainer

    Marta Beacom

    From £47 per session

    Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Flexibility, Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular Fitness, Core Conditioning, Event Prep, Muscle Development, Prenatal and Postnatal Training, Strength, Muscle Building

    12.24 miles from Northwich