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Michael Adu

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Holistic Health, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Toning, Functional Training


My name is Michael Adu and I am a Health Coach and the Founder of Stress-Less Fitness and Consulting. At my company, we deal with all aspects of an individual's health, from cognitive strengthening, nutrition, and physiological health to physical exercise. We offer individual and group packages which are unique to the needs of each client to bring them into optimal health.

I developed this programme on my journey to discover what is within people that allows them to overcome hardship and a troubled upbringing. It led me to study the psychology of resilient people in the public eye and those with private stories.

Through extensive research, I have compiled series of short courses and a training protocol to inspire, encourage and empower individuals into changing the direction in their lives towards a positive future. I believe this blended with physical exercise, meditation and nutritional support can create happier, healthier and more successful people.

As the world becomes a harder and more stressful place to live, we all need to build our mental strength and resilience as well as take care of our bodies. That is my mission at Stress-Less Fitness and Consulting, to build minds and muscles together!


  • Meditation instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Massage Therapist
  • Stress-Less Coach Level One and Two

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