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Karen Lucia

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Fat Loss, Strength Training for Women, Body Recomposition, Flexibility, Mobility, Rehabilitation, Arthritis


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I am a transformational coach based in London and come from a creative background as a professional dancer.

With my passion for movement and fascination by the never-ending possibilities of the human body, my focus eventually shifted to helping women achieve a healthier and good looking body, so I started working as a full-time strength and conditioning trainer and studied clinical nutrition.

After a few years, I realised that the people who actually maintained their body transformation after the initial 3 to 6 months were the ones with the strongest mindset or in other words, those who believed the most in their success. That's why I decided to study different techniques that can build and transform the mind, and from there I finally understood that mindset and self-awareness should be THE place to start for any lasting transformation.

I now do transformational work mainly with women around a range of issues, boosting their resilience and confidence regarding themselves, their relationships, and to prepare for performances, castings, shoots, presentations, public speaking, creative and social work.


  • Poliquin - Strength & Conditioning
  • CrossFit Coach Qualification
  • Mobility Coach Qualification
  • Kinesiological Stretching Qualification
  • Nutritional Advisor Qualification

Languages spoken


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