Jermayne Williams personal trainer

Jermayne Williams

Queen's Gardens, Brighton and Hove
Fat Loss, Rehabilitation, Muscle Development, Nutrition


Hi, I’m Jermayne Williams, UKBFF Men’s Physique British Finalist and Brighton and Hove based Personal trainer.

I have over 10 years of experience working within the health and fitness industry and within that time I have trained many clients to lose body-fat, get lean and live a healthier lifestyle.

With a combination of personal exercise experience combined with education I have designed transformation workout plans to help clients lose the belly and build lean muscle in a 12-week time frame.

My training plans include both resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, along with detailed nutrition advice, which will help you understand what to eat and when.

I’ll teach you how to train with the right technique, how to have a better relationship with food and how to implement better habits to achieve more balance and live a healthier lifestyle.

Ready to kick start your fitness, get lean and transform your body in just 12 weeks?


  • Personal Training and Nutritional Advice Diploma

Languages spoken



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