Jamille Nicholas personal trainer

Jamille Nicholas

FX Personal Training
Dumballs Road, Cardiff
Nutrition, Weight Management, Resistance Training, Sports Massage, Boxercise, Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Exercise to Music


Jamille is the owner and founder of FX Personal Training. He has been transforming people’s physiques since 2001. With 17 years of experience and knowledge, Jamille knows exactly what is needed for every individual and that is exactly his approach to exercise and nutrition. He believes everybody is different and requires a system that works for them specifically. He chooses to work from two of the best gyms in Cardiff, The Fitness Factory (Cardiff Bay) and UFit (Ocean Way). He also does outdoor sessions and beach training. Jamille has always had a passion for keeping fit and working out. He believes 'If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk' and follows the training principles he truly believes in. He is a firm believer in keeping the body guessing and believes variation is the key to achieving success! If the body gets used to something, it doesn't develop and you quickly become bored of the same thing. He never uses the same routine twice. Also, he does not believe in gimmicks; he just uses the exercises and principles that work to get results. Short high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions for 30–40 minutes are scientifically backed and proven to provide dramatically more results than conventional steady state training and this is the approach Jamille chooses to use to achieve the best results with his clients.


  • N.V.Q. in Sport and Recreation
  • Advanced Personal Trainer Award
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Award
  • Weight Training Instructor Award
  • Sports Massage Award
  • Boxercise Instructor Award
  • TRX Suspension Training Award
  • Kettlebell Instructor Award
  • Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning (ViPR) Instructor Award
  • Exercise to Music Award
  • First Aid Certificate

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Pricing and Special Offers

1 Personal training session per week = £30 per session

2 Personal training sessions per week = £27.50 per session

3+ Personal training sessions per week = £25 per session

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