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Jack Elliott

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Sport-Specific Training, Muscle Gain, Strength and Conditioning, Weight Management, Nutrition, Exercise for Older Adults, Health, Life Coaching, Rehabilitation


I believe in a balanced approach to health and fitness in which strength training is combined with balance, joint stability and core training.

I look at the body and its movements as an integrated whole, and in doing so I can identify where weak links and muscle imbalances may exist; this important information lays the foundation for a balanced fitness regime in which the individual needs of the client are taken into consideration.

My goal as a trainer is to provide a balanced approach to your fitness routine in a safe and supportive environment in which you will learn proper lifting techniques. I believe that your workouts should not inhibit your daily lives, but they should be enhanced them; therefore, I strive to educate my clients on how to keep their bodies safe while working out as well as in daily activities, thereby decreasing the risk of pain and injury.

I believe in the body's ability to heal itself provided the right conditions – my goal is to help you create these conditions within your workout to tap into your body's inherent ability to heal itself leading to an improved quality of life.


  • Lifetime PT Level 3
  • Nutrition Through Sport Qualification
  • Advanced Circuits Qualification
  • Primal Flow Qualification
  • FA Coaching Level 1 + 2
  • Sports Leadership Qualification
  • ViPR Certified
  • Bulgarian Bag Certified
  • Boxercise Certified
  • TRX Training Certified
  • Kettle Bells Certified
  • Animal Flow Certified
  • First Aid Certificate

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