Faieeza Lucas personal trainer

Faieeza Lucas

Balham, London
Core Conditioning, Nutrition & Weight Management, Pre- & Post-Natal Training, Weightlifting, Weight Loss, Fitness 50+/Seniors, Functional Training, Flexibility & Mobility, Suspension Training, Fitness for Older Adults, Flexibility, Mobility, Posture, Weight Lifting


Having worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years, I have learnt that it is constantly evolving. Different fads come and go, nurturing constant confusion about what is the best route to take when considering a new diet or exercise programme.

I have concluded that there is never a 'one size fits all' answer and what may work for someone will not give the same results for another. With this information I have been able to help people realise their goals, whilst giving them the motivation to make fitness part of their day to day life.

I don't believe in quick fixes, which inevitably lead to injuries from bad exercise form and dangerous yo-yo dieting cycles which have been proven to end up with the participants gaining more weight in the long run. With a structured exercise programme alongside a balanced diet, it really is possible to become the best version of yourself.

I have made it my priority to ensure that my clients can make healthy choices but still enjoy the pleasures of getting together with family, holidays and the different celebrations that come around every year, being conscious of what they eat but not eliminating their favourite foods. With this approach, I have experienced that cravings disappear and people are much less likely to binge, resulting in a much healthier attitude to food. When this is combined with physical activity the results really do speak for themselves!

Nobody needs to be on a diet forever. In fact, recent studies have shown that diet breaks actually lead to a healthier body composition in the long run. With me by your side I will help you realise your true potential and give you the motivation to carry on well into the future.

I am really looking forward to helping you all!


  • Future Fit - Advanced Personal Trainer Certificate
  • Applied Nutrition
  • Burrell Modern Post Natal Assessment & Exercise Prescription
  • Circuit Training
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Torso training & Core Stability

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