Cordell Wilson personal trainer

Cordell Wilson

Cordell Wilson personal training
Weight Loss, Toning


My name is Cordell Wilson and I am a personal trainer and weight loss coach working with clients who struggle with their weight in Cardiff and Newport, South Wales.

I help people lose weight, feel comfortable with their bodies and live a happy normal life with the body they’ve always dreamt of.

Why do I do this? 

I know how it feels to be overweight.

At the age of 17 I badly broke my leg in 3 places and it left me in a wheelchair for nearly a year. This led to my weight rocketing up to 18 stone.

My diet was terrible, my energy levels were rock bottom and my confidence was completely gone. When coming out of cast, walking again and losing over 3 stone I knew I wanted to help people who felt like I did and help them regain their confidence and happiness.

After losing the weight I studied sports coaching science at the University of Wales, Cardiff, and worked through university as a fitness instructor. Throughout university I was heavily involved in coaching local communities and sports teams as I knew I always wanted to be in a profession where I was helping others better themselves.

After 3 years of university I felt that tactical coaching of a sport wasn’t quite where I wanted to be, so I moved all my focus the the physical side of things. Improving a persons physical attributes can literally change their life and can improve their health, fitness, sports performance and more.

Working in gyms for over 4 years fueled the fire for me to become a personal trainer and to help more people with their health and fitness goals.

Hence Cordell Wilson personal training was born.

As you can see, everything I have done revolves around getting the absolute most out of an individual, whether that be a sports player or a client wanting to lose weight.

If you are struggling to lose weight and are looking for a personal trainer in Cardiff or Newport, have low confidence and need that motivation and support to become a healthier, happier and fitter you, send me a message and book your FREE consultation worth £50 today.


  • Degree in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Level 4 Training Qualification

Languages spoken


Price per session from


Pricing and Special Offers

£310 for 10 block including diet and training plans

£600 for 20 block including diet and training plans


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