Chris Dodd personal trainer

Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd Personal Training
Ravenshead, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Fat Loss, Strength, Muscle Gain


I believe in movement. Without movement we lose a part of what it means to be human. In fact, there are plenty of worthwhile reasons to move more; freedom from disease, increased energy, getting down with the kids! Why do you want to move more? I move "To stay as physically capable as possible for as long as possible".

I believe in exercise. I also understand that exercise is just a small part of 'movement'. I love exercise because it's an efficient and structured way to make up for the lack of movement in my life. I'll be moving and exercising forever, because I want to enjoy good health and I want my children and grandchildren to know our bodies are what we make them.

I believe improving health is a journey that lasts a lifetime.

But what am I like as a trainer/coach? Well...

I'm relaxed in my approach to training because I understand there are many ways to achieve the same goal. I like to use different tools and I like to give you choices. We'd be a collaboration, it's your journey after all.

I'm all about sustainability too. When life is challenging, most of our training needs to be simple and low intensity because we all have a finite amount of energy. A lot of people imagine my training is complex and intense. Sometimes it is but most of the time, the opposite in generally true. I've had many periods in my life recently where my training has consisted of the minimum effective dose, largely because I have two young daughters! But I succeed because I always do something no matter how small.    

If you'd like to talk about how I could help you with your goals please get in touch!

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