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A personal trainer in Buckinghamshire.

With its countless charming towns and picturesque countryside, there are some amazing places to begin your fitness journey with a personal trainer in Buckinghamshire

Read on to discover links to male and female PTs in Buckinghamshire, as well as those with more affordable rates. You'll also discover fitness pros in specific towns within the county and will learn how much they charge. 

Personal Trainers in Buckinghamshire

If you’re ready to embark on your fitness journey with a personal trainer in Buckinghamshire, you’ll find a comprehensive list of qualified professionals here, each with their own unique training methods and specialities. 

Male and female personal trainers in Buckinghamshire

Prefer to work with a personal trainer with a certain gender? Then take a look at these links:

How much is a personal trainer in Buckinghamshire?

While still more economical than a personal trainer in London, the cost of a personal training session in Buckinghamshire is slightly higher than the UK average at £44, with most trainers charging between £30 and £60. 

If you'd like to find an especially affordable personal trainer in Buckinghamshire, take a look at these local trainers who charge less than £40 per session:

Tip: Many trainers on our site are pleased to provide a free initial consultation in which you can share your personal goals and individual needs (e.g., maybe you have a sports injury) while learning more about the services they offer. For example, you could ask about the type of nutrition plan they would provide you, how long they've been in the fitness industry, and the tactics they've used to get others amazing results. To arrange a consultation, just use the contact contact form that appears on each trainer's profile. Feel free to share your details with them if you'd like them to contact you directly. 

What personal training services are there in Buckinghamshire?

Check out these links to Buckinghamshire-based personal trainers on our site with different types of expertise:

Tip: Use the "Speciality" filter above our list of Buckinghamshire-based PTs to find those with other skills. 

Personal Trainers in Amersham

Home to places like Barn Meadow and King George V Playing Field, there’s no shortage of locations to train with a personal trainer in Amersham. If you’re ready to reach out to one, you’ll find a list of trainers here

How much is a personal trainer in Amersham?

The average cost of a personal training session is similar to the Buckinghamshire average at £45, with the majority of trainers in the £30–60 range. 

Tip: If you're not into working out in commercial gyms, use the "Training location" filter that appears above our list of trainers in Amersham to find those who offer PT sessions in alternative locations. For example, you could select "Client's home" if you'd like to train in a comfortable environment or make the most of your home gym. You could also use the "Gender" filter if, for example, you'd like to find online female personal trainers in Amersham. If you like the idea of training outdoors, why not reach out to a PT who offers boot camps in Amersham

Personal Trainers in Aylesbury

Whether it’s circuit training in Vale Park or runs beside Grand Union Canal, one of the talented personal trainers in Aylesbury listed here would be thrilled to hear from you. 

A personal trainer in Aylesbury.

How much is a personal trainer in Aylesbury?

With most personal trainers in Aylesbury charging between £30 and £60 per session, the average cost is about £44. 

Tip: Hit the "Contact" button that appears on each trainer's profile to send them a quick message outlining what you're looking for. Before committing to a load of sessions, it's a good idea to exchange a few messages or have a call to see whether you're a good fit for each other. For example, you might want to discuss how you'll fit your training into your everyday life, what they think are the most effective ways of achieving your goals and leading a healthier lifestyle, and whether they have any particular areas of expertise (e.g., exercise for mental health, group fitness sessions, online training)

Personal Trainers in Chesham

Whether it’s online, at home, at your local Chesham gym, or in one of the outdoor areas like Nashleigh Hill Recreation Ground or Lowndes Park, one of the qualified personal trainers in Chesham listed here would be delighted to help. 

How much is a personal trainer in Chesham?

Although it’s common for personal trainers in Chesham to charge up to £60 per session, the average price is £44, and some trainers charge as little as £30.

Tip: Use the "Specialty" filter that appears above our list of PTs in Chesham to find those who offer specific types of personal training sessions. For example, you could use the filter to find the best personal trainers in the area for boxing and other martial artsstress managementlife coaching, and body fat reduction.

Personal Trainers in Gerrards Cross

With outdoor spaces like Gerrards Cross Common and Colne Valley Regional Park, there are some great options when it comes to meeting up with a personal trainer in Gerrards Cross. If you’re ready to get in touch with one, you can find a list of suitable candidates here

How much is a personal trainer in Gerrards Cross?

Like in other places in Buckinghamshire, personal trainers in Gerrards Cross charge about £46 on average for a session, with prices typically ranging from £40 to £60. 

Tip: Use the "Speciality" filter that appears above our list of personal trainers in Gerrards Cross to find the right person for you and your personal fitness goals. For instance, you could use the filter to identify PTs in Gerrards Cross who could help you improve your fitness levels or overall health. If you're after a conditioning coach or someone who can assist you with a healthy diet, try the "Strength Training/Conditioning" or "Nutrition & Weight Management" options.   

Personal Trainers in High Wycombe

With access to locations like the Chiltern Hills and The Rye, there are some fantastic potential places to work out with a personal trainer in High Wycombe. If you’re ready to make contact with a trainer in High Wycombe, check out the list here

A personal trainer in High Wycombe.

How much is a personal trainer in High Wycombe?

Charging about £47 per session on average, personal trainers in High Wycombe tend to charge slightly more than in other parts of Buckinghamshire, with most charging between £30 and £60. 

Tip: Each trainer's profile on contains info about their skills, prices for one-hour sessions, and approach to training. PTs will often also share previous reviews from clients as well as information about how they design workouts to get you to the edge of your comfort zone, the methods they use for those with a lack of time, and how they can provide easy access to their services, such as by travelling to your home or office or a nearby park. 

Personal Trainers in Milton Keynes

No matter if you’re interested in training at home, at your local Milton Keynes gym, or in one of the outdoor spaces like Campbell Park, you’ll find the perfect personal trainer in Milton Keynes for you in the list here.

How much is a personal trainer in Milton Keynes?

At £35 on average, the cost of a personal training session in Milton Keynes is considerably less than the Buckinghamshire average, with the majority of trainers charging from £20 to £50 per session. 

Tip: Most PTs on our site share their qualifications on their profiles. Check these out to get an idea of the areas in which they have expertise. A good personal trainer will normally complete further qualifications after their level-3 personal training qualification. Therefore, it's not uncommon to find a PT who is also a certified nutritionist or who has expertise in working with special populations (e.g., pre- and post-natal women). 

Final Words on Personal Training in Buckinghamshire

If it's the first time you're considering working with a PT, congratulations on making it to the start of your fitness journey!

You're about to learn how fun workouts can help you reach your fitness goals. You'll learn new ways of training and will benefit from a depth of one-on-one feedback that you won't get from fitness classes or training in a small group. You'll have someone to go with your health and fitness questions. For instance, if you've heard of a new form of weight loss but aren't sure if it's legit or just a fad, you'll have your very own expert to go to for their opinion. Ultimately, working with a PT can save you a lot of time as you navigate the often overwhelming amount of information out there about the best ways to eat and train. 

If you're interested in training in a different area (i.e., outside Buckinghamshire), just enter the name of the location into the search box on our homepage

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