Five Ways to Reduce Tiredness

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If you keep finding yourself tired for no apparent reason, here are five ways to reduce tiredness that will help you through the day. 

Way to Reduce Tiredness #1

Eat little and often

Eating less often is one of the ways to reduce tiredness.

Food releases energy and energy is exactly what we need to combat tiredness and keep us going during the day. Now, although you might think this is your go-ahead to have that chocolate bar, sugary foods give you a very sharp and quick boost of energy, which can have a negative impact on your energy in the long term. The quick drop in energy that follows the boost will leave you feeling tired again. Go for your slow-burning energy foods, which are your carbohydrates such as pasta, wholewheat bread, and potatoes, and eat little but often.   

Way to Reduce Tiredness #2

Remain active

Staying active is one of the ways to reduce tiredness.

It sounds crazy but it isn’t; there is actually a bit of science behind it. If you remain in the same position for a long time, your body starts to get used to it and decreases its oxygen intake. This is what drops your energy levels as well as your motivation to do anything. A run in the morning before sitting at your desk all day is highly beneficial. Even a walk at some point will do your body good. 

Way to Reduce Tiredness #3

A healthy and well-balanced diet

Eating well is one of the ways to reduce tiredness.

Many people assume that they get everything they need from meat, fruit, and vegetables. But your carbohydrates are just as important. Also, while some days you will get all of the vitamins and minerals you need from your foods, sometimes you won’t. Adding a multivitamin to your diet is a great way to add those vitamins that you might have missed. There's also evidence that high-protein diets, compared to moderate-protein diets, are linked to reduced fatigue and stress among active people, so adding a protein supplement could also help to reduce how tired you feel. 

Way to Reduce Tiredness #4

Water, Water, Water!

Drinking more water is one of the ways to reduce tiredness.

Many of us need a morning coffee to get us started for the day. However, do not drink it all day as again it is a quick energy release and can result in you hitting a brick wall once that energy has been burned. So staying hydrated with water, instead of your caffeine-filled drinks like coke and coffee, is the way forward. 

Way to Reduce Tiredness #5

Finally, sleep and downtime

Relaxing is one of the ways to reduce tiredness.

This goes without saying but it should be mentioned. Getting enough sleep is extremely important. However, just getting into bed early isn’t enough.You cannot be busy up until you put your pyjamas on as your body is still in active mode and your mind will be thinking about the things you have just done. Downtime before bed is a must and could involve reading, listening to music, or even meditation. As long as you do something relaxing and that eases the mind, then you’ll be in for a good night’s sleep. Just make sure you get plenty of it as well. 

So, there are the tips; now you’ve just got to put them into practice and you’ll be ready to conquer the world, every day. If you'd like more guidance on how to live a balanced life, you might be interested in learning how a holistic personal trainer can assist you with your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. You might also like this article on how to regain your motivation to train