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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to personal training in Southwark! In this article, we provide links to male and female personal trainers in Southwark, each equipped with specific expertise to cater to your unique needs, and we’ll discover inspiring outdoor and indoor locations for training. We’ll also answer, “How much does it cost to have a personal trainer in Southwark?” and will provide links to trainers in specific towns within the borough, such as Bermondsey, Camberwell, Dulwich, East Dulwich, Herne Hill, Newington, Nunhead, Peckham, and West Dulwich. 

Personal Trainers in Southwark

If you’re open to considering various types of fitness experts, this comprehensive list of trainers in Southwark is a great resource.

Male and female personal trainers in Southwark

For individuals who wish to work with trainers of a specific gender, these links offer suitable options:

What is the usual price of a personal trainer in Southwark?

Typically, fitness professionals in Southwark have session rates ranging from £25 to £80, and the average cost per session is approximately £51. If you prefer more budget-friendly options, you can find some trainers in Southwark charging between £20 and £40. If you’re curious about how these rates compare with other areas, you can check out this article on the costs of personal training across London’s boroughs. If you’re interested in how much you should pay for a personal trainer in the UK, you might like this article on how personal trainer prices vary across cities

Where to meet with a personal trainer in Southwark

Southwark boasts various free outdoor gyms, such as in Dulwich ParkPeckham Rye ParkBurgess Park, and Mini Street Park. In addition to these, with their diverse landscapes and open spaces, locations like Southwark Park and Russia Dock Woodland are excellent options for meeting up with a personal trainer. 

If you’d prefer to train indoors, you might like to take a look at one of these chain gyms in Southwark (Google ratings in parentheses):

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Peckham (5.0)


easyGym Camberwell (4.9)

Énergie Fitness

Énergie Fitness Borough (4.0)

Fitness First

Fitness First London Bridge (4.1)


Fitness4Less Southwark (4.3) – You can find Fitness4Less prices for Southwark here and Fitness4Less locations here


Gymbox Elephant and Castle (4.3)

Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness Elephant and Castle (4.4)

The Gym Group

The Gym Group Peckham Rye (4.5)

The Gym Group Walworth Road (4.2)

Third Space

Third Space Tower Bridge (4.7)


UN1T Southwark (4.9)

A personal trainer in a Southwark gym

If you’d prefer something a little different, you might like one of these top-rated independent gyms in Southwark (Google ratings in parentheses): 

Arc Athletics Club (4.6) – They offer a coach-led exercise programme that focuses on holistic health and body understanding. Their diverse community spans various ages, backgrounds, and athletic abilities, united by a shared journey to better understand their bodies. With experienced coaches and classes that combine weights, gymnastics, and conditioning, participants can expect to learn, connect with friendly peers, and leave feeling uplifted.

Fort Training (4.8) – They emerged in 2018 as the first CrossFit gym in Elephant and Castle. Over time, they’ve expanded into a versatile facility, catering to athletes in CrossFit, weightlifting, and powerlifting. Their tight-knit and welcoming community, coupled with experienced coaches, are there to support individuals at every stage of their fitness journey, offering detailed programmes, diverse classes, and top-notch facilities to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

King’s Sport and Wellness (4.6) – They offer a warm and motivating environment with a wide range of amenities, including over 35 studio classes per week, experienced fitness coaches, and engaging studio classes with interactive lighting design. They accommodate various fitness objectives, whether it’s pursuing a healthy lifestyle or excelling in sports, by providing personalised training programmes, access to their Strand Gym, and over 100 weekly studio classes across their two locations, ensuring members have the resources to reach their personal fitness goals.

The Circle Gym and Spa (4.6) – As a privately owned boutique health club in Shad Thames, situated near Tower Bridge, they offer a comprehensive wellness experience. Their newly refurbished club includes a free weights room, cardio room, multi-functional room, and daily free classes in a well-lit environment. Post-workout, members can relax in a full-size pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna or enjoy spa treatments and stretching sessions. With a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, they pride themselves on their non-corporate approach, making it a friendly oasis for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

The Hidden Gym (4.7) –They provide a diverse range of exercise equipment suitable for all fitness levels and ages, including the latest cardio machines, free weights, and an extensive selection of resistance machines, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience. 

If you haven’t found quite what you’re after, you might like this list of gyms in Southwark or this list of gyms in London

Types of personal training in Southwark

If you’re in Southwark and looking for expert guidance, there are fitness professionals with the right expertise for you, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, skill development, or more:

Personal Trainers in Bermondsey

Bermondsey offers excellent outdoor spaces for personal training sessions. Southwark Park is a fantastic option, featuring open green areas, walking paths, and even an outdoor gym with various exercise stations. Nearby, King’s Stairs Gardens offers a serene riverside setting with views of the Thames. If you’d prefer to exercise indoors, you might like one of these gyms in Bermondsey

A cafe in Bermondsey

Male and female personal trainers in Bermondsey

Types of personal training in Bermondsey

Personal Trainers in Camberwell

Camberwell offers fantastic outdoor spaces for personal trainingBurgess Park, with its wide-open fields and fitness equipment, provides an ideal setting to work on strength and cardio. Meanwhile, Ruskin Park offers a serene environment with its lush greenery and walking paths, making it perfect for holistic fitness sessions like yoga or mindfulness training. If you’d rather work out indoors, you may find these Camberwell gyms appealing.

Male and female personal trainers in Camberwell

Types of personal training in Camberwell

Personal Trainers in Dulwich

In Dulwich, you have some excellent outdoor locations for personal trainingDulwich Park, with its picturesque surroundings and spacious fields, is ideal for various fitness activities, from jogging to strength training. For those seeking a more challenging workout, Sydenham Hill Wood and Cox’s Walk offer wooded trails and uneven terrain, perfect for adventurous training sessions like trail running or obstacle courses with a personal trainer. For those who prefer indoor exercise, these Dulwich gyms could be a great choice.

People exercising in Dulwich, Southwark

Male and female personal trainers in Dulwich

Types of personal training in Dulwich

Personal Trainers in East Dulwich

In East Dulwich, great outdoor venues await for personal training sessionsPeckham Rye Park offers extensive green spaces and well-maintained paths, suitable for a variety of workouts, from yoga to circuit training. Meanwhile, Goose Green, with its serene atmosphere, provides a tranquil setting for outdoor exercises like meditation or low-intensity fitness routines. Indoor enthusiasts might find these East Dulwich gyms to their liking.

Male and female personal trainers in East Dulwich

Types of personal training in East Dulwich

Personal Trainers in Herne Hill

Herne Hill boasts some fantastic outdoor spots for personal training sessions. Brockwell Park is a sprawling green oasis with scenic views, making it ideal for cardio workouts, yoga, or circuit training. Meanwhile, Ruskin Park provides a more intimate setting, perfect for focused workouts and meditation sessions. For those inclined towards indoor workouts, these Herne Hill gyms could be of interest.

A street in Herne Hill, Southwark

Male and female personal trainers in Herne Hill

Types of personal training in Herne Hill

Personal Trainers in Newington

Newington provides excellent options for outdoor personal training sessionsBurgess Park, with its vast green spaces and well-maintained paths, offers versatility for various workouts, from jogging to strength training. Nearby, Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park features a tranquil environment suitable for yoga or meditation sessions. If indoor fitness is your preference, these Newington gyms may suit you.

Male and female personal trainers in Newington

Types of personal training in Newington

Personal Trainers in Nunhead

Nunhead provides excellent outdoor training opportunitiesPeckham Rye Park boasts spacious lawns for cardio workouts and bodyweight exercises, while Telegraph Hill Park offers a hilly terrain for challenging sessions. However, these Nunhead gyms could be a good fit for those who favour indoor workouts.

A park in Nunhead, Southwark

Male and female personal trainers in Nunhead

Types of personal training in Nunhead

Personal Trainers in Peckham

Peckham offers diverse outdoor training optionsPeckham Rye Park, with its open spaces and walking trails, is great for cardio and circuit training, while Burgess Park boasts a spacious outdoor gym and a scenic lake to admire during workouts. If you lean towards indoor exercise, consider these Peckham gyms.

A park in Peckham, Southwark

Male and female personal trainers in Peckham

Types of personal training in Peckham

Personal Trainers in West Dulwich

West Dulwich offers fantastic outdoor training spots. For instance, Belair Park, with its lush greenery, provides a serene backdrop, while nearby Dulwich Park offers picturesque paths for jogging and a spacious area for functional exercises. Indoor training enthusiasts might instead want to explore these West Dulwich gyms.

Male and female personal trainers in West Dulwich

Types of personal training in West Dulwich