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Taylor Gray

Taylor Gray PT
Fat Loss, Hypertrophy Training, Endurance


For years, I never knew what I wanted to do. I wasn’t good at school (apart from P.E), I went to college and then university doing a course I had no passion for, and then I worked in a job for 11 years that brought more stress than happiness.

Luckily, I was in a position to change this. And I did. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and fitness has always been part of my life, whether it be playing football, running, CrossFit or weight training. I had been asked for advice from friends a few times and this is when I realised, this is what I want to do; I want to help people reach their fitness goals by getting educated and becoming a fully qualified personal trainer. So I did, and here I am today!

My aim is to always educate myself and to be the most knowledgeable and best that I can be.

I’m in a happy place now; let me help you reach yours.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

Languages spoken


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10 sessions for £200

1-month training plan £130 including 4 x 1-2-1 sessions


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