Steven Sneddon personal trainer

Steven Sneddon

Fat Loss, Bodybuilding, Muscle Development, Event Prep, Resistance Training


I help, train, and coach clients to reach their individual targets and goals.

With over 5 years of operating in the South East of Essex, I have come across many different client needs and abilities. Together, we have managed to get them to where they want to be.

I am also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and run this along with my Personal Training business to help my clients with the benefits of sports massage.


  • Personal Trainer Diploma
  • Circuit Training Qualification
  • Torso/Core Training Qualification
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Qualification
  • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise Qualification
  • Kettlebells Qualification
  • Pilates Qualification

Languages spoken


Price per session from


Pricing and Special Offers

4 sessions £120

7 sessions £210

12 sessions £350


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