Rowan Katzew personal trainer

Rowan Katzew

Oxford Street, London
Karate, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


As a young boy growing up in the tough city of Johannesburg, Rowan Katzew started Shotokan Karate to learn how to defend himself. He became a multiple time regional champion and National Champion, JKA International Development Champion and All African Champion by the age of sixteen.

It was in his late teens that Rowan shifted his focus to the art of boxing. Having trained at several of Johannesburg's boxing gyms, he settled with the now renowned coach Colin Nathan and the Hotbox gym where he remained and learnt the tools of the trade for many years. He also went on to train at many of the country's top MMA and Muay Thai gyms, competing, developing his skill-sets and learning to coach fighters and working in the corners of several of the country's best athletes.

After a decade of working in the private security industry, Rowan decided to begin coaching full-time and took a position as a striking coach at one of South Africa's biggest MMA gym chains. Two years later Rowan founded Top Primate Academy in Cape Town, which quickly became one of South Africa's most recognized MMA gyms. He is an experienced competitor and coach, having trained both amateur and professional champions and countless celebrities and white collar fighters.

Rowan sold Top Primate in 2016 and relocated to the UK, where he is now freelancing as a Personal Trainer and Coach. He is also an ABA Level One Coach and registered with England Boxing.

He is a passionate coach with a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to changing lives through martial arts, combat sports and physical activity.

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