Riikka Hakkarainen personal trainer

Riikka Hakkarainen

Pilates, Back Pain Management, Golf, Life Coaching, Posture, Sports Rehabilitation


Usually, my ideal clients would like to play better golf, and often times they also struggle with back pain, various other injuries or they don't really know what to do with their golf and fitness. They have reoccurring swing faults, would like to get stronger, fitter, feel more energetic, hit further, and play pain free, but don't really know how to do it!

What separates my service from other fitness experts who do golf-specific fitness is that I have done it myself! Throughout my career as a Tour Player, besides training golf with leading teaching professionals in Europe and the United States, such as Chuck Cook and Bill Moretti, both awarded PGA of America Teacher of the Year, I have always worked with highly skilled international specialists on strength and conditioning: Al Vermeil, Strength & Conditioning Coach for Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball Team; Tapio Korjus, Olympic gold medalist in Javelin in Seoul 1988; Jarmo Ahonen, Finnish Olympic Team Physiotherapist.

Golf Performance is based on each individual player, their posture, spinal angles, and their unique strengths/weaknesses in their body, like flexibility, muscle strength, and muscle imbalances, which all show on the swing, game and/or posture. It combines Titleist Performance and CHEK Institute training methods and includes 55 different tests where we focus on:

-Swing Posture/Mechanics, Muscular Balance On/Off the Course

-Core Function/Possible Weak Links

-Overall Lifestyle Factors that Affect Your Golf

My clients receive individual fitness programs that help them to get stronger for their game, shoot lower scores and feel great with their bodies!


  • CHECK Institute Qualification
  • Somatic Pilates Qualification
  • Vibro Gym Qualification
  • Personal Training level 3
  • Titleist Performance Institute Qualification
  • First Aid for Work Qualification

Languages spoken


Pricing and Special Offers

Monthly Training Packages at Private Gym in Mayfair: Please see golfperformance.eu

Home Training Packages in Central London available as well: Please see golfperformance.eu

Training locations

Gym, Home


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