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Michael O'Sullivan

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Nutrition, Weight Management, Behaviour Change, Strength, Body Transformations, Weight Loss, Fat Loss


I’ve been overweight, I’ve been sluggish, I’ve been unhealthy and I’ve been miserable as heck with it all. One day, I’d had enough!

I decided #Make1ChangeToday and got myself started. I learned how to eat like a human rather than a human dustbin. I did all the things I never in a million years imagined I’d ever do because, you know, who wants to diet and exercise? And you know what? It turned out I loved it. Great food, fun activity and the best thing of all: I love what I ended up looking like, as did my wife.

Now, qualified, experienced and super-motivated I offer people, like you, the same transformation that turned me from what I was to what I never for a minute believed I could ever be.

You want this too? Then do the best thing you’ve done this year: Contact me today, and let us discuss a couple of options for you. No hard sell – after our chat it’s all down to you.


  • Personal Training Qualification
  • Judo Instructor Qualification
  • Nutritional Advisor Qualification
  • Fat Loss & Transformation Qualification
  • Bootcamp & Circuit Training Qualification
  • Advanced Fitness Testing Qualification

Languages spoken


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