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Jordan Lannaman

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Do I want to become the best version of myself? Yes! I want to continue to grow, I want to continue to learn. When we stop challenging ourselves, have we given up or are we just content with the life that we currently have? What goals have we set or do we have any goal at all? Most of us don’t set goals because we are afraid of trying! Trying and failing is better than not trying at all! Pushing yourself to finish your workout is an achievement because you had it in your head that you could not finish, but you finished it! Believing in your abilities is your greatest asset; you can only walk the path that you desire.

​Helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is our passion. We take pride in seeing our clients doing well, whether your goal is to become an athlete, or just to maintain your general fitness level, we will get you there. "There are no secrets. There are no tricks. If anything, it's the opposite: Whether you're a pro athlete or not, it's as simple as asking yourself what you're willing to do to get to your goal. Make a plan to get there. Act on it".  Tim S. Grover


  • Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • ASA Level 2 Swimming Instructor

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