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Personal trainers in Solihull

What is the usual price of a personal trainer in Solihull? In this article, we delve into the dynamic fitness landscape of Solihull and shed light on the prevailing prices charged by personal trainers. 

Whether you’re seeking a male or female personal trainer or require expertise in specific areas, we’ve put together an exclusive list of personal trainers in Solihull to suit your preferences. 

Additionally, we’ll reveal exciting indoor and outdoor locations where you can meet your personal trainer for inspiring and effective workouts. G

Personal Trainers in Solihull

For those who prefer a more flexible approach and don’t have a specific trainer in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of general fitness pros in Solihull.

Male and female personal trainers in Solihull

For those seeking a trainer of a particular gender, check out these links to connect with the right fitness professional for you:

What is the average price of a personal trainer in Solihull?

When it comes to Solihull, the usual cost for a session with a fitness pro falls between £30 and £40, with an average of around £34. 

For those looking to save some money right now, there are affordable trainers in Solihull worth considering. Their rates range from £20 to £30. 

To get an idea of how prices in Solihull compare to other areas, read this article on the expenses of fitness pros at various gyms and in different counties. If you want to see how personal training rates in Solihull measure up to those in other parts of the county (e.g., how much does a personal trainer cost in Birmingham?), check out this article on personal training in the West Midlands.

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Types of personal training in Solihull

If you’re looking to achieve fat loss, muscle growth, skill acquisition, or any other fitness objective, you’ll find a wealth of expertise among Solihull’s dedicated trainers. Explore the various specialisations offered by these fitness professionals:

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, consider heading to this general list of fitness professionals in Solihull. Once there, you can utilise the Specialty filter to search for trainers who have the expertise you need.

Where to meet with a personal trainer in Solihull

Solihull offers several outdoor locations for personal training sessions. One popular option is Elmdon Nature Park, which features an outdoor gym area equipped with fitness equipment. Additionally, you can meet your personal trainer at Tudor Grange Park, where you’ll find open green spaces and walking trails, or at Malvern Park, which offers a mix of recreational facilities. These outdoor settings provide a refreshing and invigorating environment for fitness training while enjoying the beauty of nature.

If indoor training is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that Solihull is home to various well-known chain gyms. Below you’ll find links to local gyms, including those by Village Gym, PureGym, The Gym Group, Virgin Active, and Anytime Fitness, and David Lloyd, along with their respective Google ratings as of 2023.

Village Gym:

Village Gym Solihill (4.1)


PureGym Solihull Sears Retail Park (4.1)

The Gym Group:

The Gym Group Shirley Solihull (4.1) – A good option if you’re looking for keep-fit classes in Shirley, Solihull. 

Virgin Active:

Solihull Gym and Health Club (3.9)

Anytime Fitness:

Anytime Fitness Solihull (4.4)

David Lloyd

David Lloyd Solihull Cranmore (4.2)

If you’re in search of a less conventional option, you might want to consider one of these top-rated independent gyms in Solihull (Google ratings in parentheses where available).

Solihull Arden Club – The Solihull Arden Gym offers a welcoming and enjoyable environment for your workouts. They pride themselves on having one of the top gyms in Solihull, providing members with the equipment and fitness classes they desire. With state-of-the-art cardiovascular machines, free weights, and resistance machines, you can exercise while enjoying breath-taking views of the club’s grounds.

XCELERATE GYM (4.0) – XCELERATE GYMS in Solihull offers top-notch equipment, functional training zones, motivating classes, and a supportive staff. They prioritise your overall well-being and tailor unique programmes to help you reach your maximum potential. Additionally, they provide exclusive family memberships that include specialised classes and fitness events for children aged 5–15.

Bardello (4.5) – Bardello in Solihull is a premier low-cost gym that offers top-of-the-line commercial gym equipment and signature exercise classes. Located in Shirley on the prestigious Monkspath Business Park, Bardello spans 12,000 square feet and provides a fun and spacious environment. With a strict membership limit of 2,500, they ensure that the venue and equipment are never overcrowded. A great option if you’re after fitness classes in Solihull

If the options mentioned above don’t meet your preferences, you may find this compilation of gyms in Solihull worth exploring.

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Final words on personal training in Solihull

Hopefully you’ve gotten some useful insights into personal training in Solihull from the sections above. If you’re still wondering, “how can I find a personal trainer near me?”, just enter your location into the search box here. For instance, if you enter “Shirley”, you’ll be taken to this list of personal trainers in Shirley, Solihull. Lastly, check out this list of reasons to hire a fitness professional if you’re still asking yourself, “are personal trainers really worth it?”.