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Personal trainers in Chelmsford.

With amazing outdoor locations like Central Park and Melbourne Park, there are some great places for getting together with a personal trainer in Chelmsford.

However, like most Essex-based personal trainers, many of the trainers linked to below would also be pleased to meet you online, at home, or in one of your favourite gyms in Chelmsford. Below, you’ll find links to personal trainers in Chelmsford that have specific skills and prices. Additionally, you’ll find links to local male and female PTs. If you’ve ever asked, “how much do personal trainers charge?”, there’s a section below on the cost of personal training sessions in Chelmsford. 

Finally, we take a look at some of the best places to meet up with a personal trainer near you. 

Personal Trainers in Chelmsford

If you’d like to keep your options open at this stage and you don’t have specific requirements for your fitness pro, you might like this general list of personal trainers in Chelmsford

How much do PTs in Chelmsford charge?

If you’re wondering, “how much should you spend on a personal trainer?”, the answer depends on where you’re based. 

On average, personal trainers in Chelmsford charge about £36 per session, with most asking between £30 and £45. This is substantially less than the cost of personal training in London, but is in line with the national average. If you’re interested in how personal training costs vary across the county, check out this article on personal training in Essex. If you’re not looking to spend too much at this time, you might be interested in these more affordable personal trainers in Chelmsford, who all charge between £30 and £35 per session. 

Many of the PTs on the site also offer personal trainer packages, which are usually advertised on their profiles. Basically, you’ll get a discount if you order multiple sessions. 

A park in Chelmsford.

Male and female personal trainers in Chelmsford

Prefer to exercise with a local PT of a particular gender? No problem. Just click on one of these links:

Types of personal training in Chelmsford

Whatever type of personal training programme you’re looking for, there’s a Chelmsford-based PT that has the skills and experience you need. Here are a few of the specialist areas in which the personal trainers on the site have expertise:

Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Just head to the general list of personal trainers in Chelmsford and use the “Specialty” filter to identify PTs that have experience in the topic you’re interested in. 

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Where to exercise with a personal trainer in Chelmsford

Personal trainers work at all of the main gyms in town, including Virgin Active ChelmsfordRiverside Chelmsford, and The Gym Chelmsford. As well as indoor gyms, there are several free outdoor gyms in Chelmsford, such as in Admirals Park, Central Park, and Chelmer Park

Final Thoughts on Personal Trainers in Chelmsford

If you haven’t yet identified a suitable fitness professional and are still asking yourself, “how can I find a personal trainer near me?”, just head to our homepage and enter your location into the search box. 

If you’re still wondering, “Are personal trainers worth the money?”, you might be interested in this article about some of the reasons to hire a personal trainer