Tsvetelina Ivanova-Stoilova personal trainer

Tsvetelina Ivanova-Stoilova

Athletics, Circuit Training, Core Conditioning, Body Sculpting, Fitness Testing, Flexibility & Mobility, Nutrition & Weight Management, Weightlifting, Strength Training/Conditioning, Weight Loss, Posture, Sports Massage and Therapy


I am a strong-willed personal trainer who believes the human body is always work-in-progress; you really have to sweat a little to perfect it. I am a passionate and no-nonsense person who puts her body, mind and soul in to prepping clients. There’s no surrendering until goals are achieved.

With over a decade of personal training experience, I channel my energy and skills into motivating people to have a healthy, zestful life. I actively study new trends in body health and development.

As a fitness coach, I love to blend exercise with good diet; I’ve a knack for preparing easy, tasty and healthy eating recipes that complement all the hard work that you perform. I’m a former aerobic instructor and member of my high school athletic team.

In addition to offering health tips and undertaking challenging exercises and fitness programmes, I also perform massage therapy and injury rehabilitation for my clients.

Stay persistent, and you’ll make it there; stay consistent and you can keep it forever. Well, that’s what fitness is for me.


  • Premier - Diploma in Fitness Training & Sports Therapy (Level 3)
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Premier - Certificate in Gym (Level 2)
  • Premier Training - Nutrition for Health & Fitness
  • Sports Massage Therapist

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